Fernando Fernandez

  • Sudoku Attack, Final Challenge




    SudokuAttack, the final challenge is a game with the rules of the popular sudoku. You can play with the sudokus stored in de device or you can try the challenge of the level of your choice. Every day you will find 4 new challenges (one for each level).After the journey the winner will get a place...

  • EquationsFer, equations easily




    Easy way for lineal equations, cuadratic equations, determiants, inverse matrix, adjugate matrix, traspond matrix, prime numbers factoring. With these application also you can get the minimal fraction. Especial number key pad, for faster input. Every screen with help.

  • ContaFer Easy Accounting




    Easy Accounting. You do not need to have accounting knowledge or background. The application is specially designed for easy of use. Now, with smooth flipping in screens, just like the iPhone or iPad. For example, with just two clicks you can change the display to switch the decimal display ON...

  • Factorizer, number to factors




    Input a number and Factorizer will return its factors. So simple, so easy.

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