Fernando Sánchez

  • No right alt keyboard




    Do you own an external keyboard without a right alt key? It's anoying not being able to type al symbols without it. This app just remaps the left alt key to function like right alt key, so you can type those characters without any problem with this key. To configure it, follow these...

  • No right alt keyboard donation


    This app does nothing itself. "No right alt keyboard" is fully functional without it and there is no change at all using it without donation. If "No right alt keyboard" has solved a problem for you, as it did with me and that is why I program it for, please consider buying...

  • Role playing dice




    Roll the dice in your phone. Simple and effective, without any artifice and fully compatible with almost any phone! You can roll Fudge, X-Wing, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 or 100 sided dice, or up to 6 dice, any kind, with mods between -3 and +3.

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