• Family Tracker: Locate Phones

    Family Tracker: Locate Phones




    *** NOTE: If you are tracking an iOS device, please update to the latest version - iOS7.1 *** Family Tracker is a GPS tracking application that allows you to track the location of Android and Apple cell phones and tablets and send free text messages between them. What you get with this...

  • Beacon: Phone Tracker

    Beacon: Phone Tracker




    Beacon is a Professional GPS Tracking application that allows you to track unlimited number of Android devices with virtually no impact on the battery life. Beacon features a Stealth Ping technology, which makes it possible to force any device that is being tracked to update its location at...

  • Home & Away

    Home & Away


    Home & Away is a personal monitoring service that connects you directly to response professionals via your cellular device during an emergency. • Home & Away lets you enjoy monitored protection, wherever you go • When you feel in danger, are injured, or need help for any reason, simply...

  • Sex Offenders Search

    Sex Offenders Search




    Locates registered sex offenders and sexual predators anywhere in the US. *** Covers all 50 US states plus Puerto Rico *** ✓ Provides a photo, detailed offender records, birth date, physical profile, etc. for each offender. ✓ The database is updated daily! ✓ Search offenders by: - Your current...

  • Dive Spots

    Dive Spots




    Provides the fastest way to locate dive spots, obstructions, and wrecks. You can search by current location or any address. The database contains over 21 000 dive spots. Currently Dive Spots provides dive spots, obstructions, and wrecks for: - US - Canada - United Kingdom - Australia v1.4 -...

  • Crime Watch

    Crime Watch




    Crime Watch allows you to see the crime activity in your city or neighborhood in real time. *** Only the city of Orlando FL is supported right now! *** *** More cities will be supported shortly *** Crime Watch displays the police activity on an interactive map and provides a short description,...

  • Boat Ramps

    Boat Ramps




    Boat Ramps from is an exciting new app that lets you quickly locate and get directions to more than 35,000 boat ramps throughout the U.S. Boat Ramps from has an easy-to-use interface and provides a list of ramps close to your current location or any address,...

  • Simple Charts

    Simple Charts




    Simple Charts delivers a simple easy to use chart plotting solution for your Android phone and Android tablet. No other app on the market delivers a plotting solution this easy to use. Simple Charts is a full resolution seamless marine charting app compatible with both phones and tablets. Simple...

  • Nuclear Site Locator

    Nuclear Site Locator




    The new Nuclear Site Locator app allows you to locate your current position relative to Nuclear Power Sites. It provides you with the knowledge you need to keep yourself, family and friends safe. By being aware of the actual site locations and information, this is an invaluable tool to help...

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