• Dungeon Scourer




    Dungeon Scourer is dark, fantasy and adventure platform game! Fight with rats, skeletons, spiders and other fantasy creatures. Your hero has bow and strength. You have your mind and fingers. Just go to the dungeons. Use your arcade skills to unlock new levels. More levels soon!!!

  • Throwable Light Saber




    Throwable Jedi Ligh Saber It's possible to throw the saber or use lightnings. You can also change cristals to switch light color. Yoda says: One of the best Jedi Light Saber is it. With this saber, the light side you go must. Keywords: jedi, lightsabre, lightsaber, saber, lightnings,...

  • Ninja Climbing




    Ninja Climbing is a skill game, in which the goal is to get the highest floor of the skyscraper. Fight other ninjas to not be killed. Collect items to help you climb as high as possible. And above all enjoy it. Just one finger is needed to play, like in NinJump or City Jump, but game-play is...

  • Mind Master




    This is funny mind trainer, which one can help you improve math skills. Gameplay is simple. Just shoot to ballons with corect answer mathematical equation. Game has four levels and first (maybe another too) is also good for children! Improving math skills by playing game? Yeah!!! It realy...

  • Milk My Milk




    Try to milk a cow as fast as you can. Kill the flies, to gain extra time. Be the fastest milker and share results with friends. Game uses Swarm platform. Key words: milk, milking, my, cow, farmer, farm, kill, fly, flies, swarm

  • Retro Car




    Do you remember old cool "brick" games like Tetris,Space Invaders, Ping Pong and others? Retro car is one of those super games, where your car and all graphics are made from bricks. Try to avoid road obstacle and other car to achieve as the greatest distance as you can. Game uses...

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