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Don't step the white tile

!!! ONE OF JAPAN’S MOST POPULAR APPS, WITH OVER 500,000 DOWNLOADS !!! An addicting Japanese game that tests your reflexes against time and movement. Test your speed and accuracy with this simple and fun game! Start Tap the start button to begin and then tap on the black blocks to follow the 50 steps toward the goal. The quicker you tap, the fast…

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Daruma Rhythm

We've taken a popular traditional Japanese game and added elements of reflex and rhythm to make a new game that’s even more fun and addicting than the original! Information Flick the red and white blocks of the Daruma in the correct direction as quickly as you can to make a good rhythm and reveal the Daruma's face! The faster you can corr…

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Do the stresses of everyday life take a toll on you? Are there times when the young punks of today’s generation make that stress worse? Although it’s generally not a good idea to take your stress out on those punks, don’t worry any more! You can take your stress out on B-Boy in Slap Master. ◆Description◆ Move your finger in the direction of the…

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"Smack" Because there are many stress in society,This application refresh your stress. Please determine instantly the following instructions, and slap left and right ♪ ◆Description◆ Please follow a instruction,when the "L" and "R(reverse)",flick from right to left,and when the "R" and "L(reverse)"…

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Touch the Lost Numbers

Touch the Lost Numbers Test your memory and reflexes with this fun and addicting game! Touch the numbers in order starting from 1 as quickly as you can, but be careful because as soon as you press 1 the other numbers disappear! □Function NORMAL_MODE(1~9) HARD_MODE(1~16) Play from the two modes ◆『Touch The Lost Numbers』 As soon as you start,…

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s an ageless question, however the answer is not about which came first; it’s about which is the strongest, the best, the fastest! In this game of reflexes and speed side with the chicken or the egg samurai and decide, once and for all, which one will be first. Endurance Mode 1P mode that will test you…

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Train Ninja

The tird application "Train Ninja" appeared from fieldWalking. Ninja dash to mach speed of the train,and jump between the building and the building by the screen taping. This is a Free jump action application. Scene from the window of the train,the scenery of the day-to-day no different from any other day... ...!? Ninja!? Ninja dash and…

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Donut Tapper

Congratulations! You have your very own donut shop! Work is fun, and people love your donuts, but sometimes its hard to keep up with the orders! It’s been so busy that the cooks have put all kinds of things into the fryer! Now you have to race the clock to pick the donuts, but be careful to avoid everything else! Sorting Mode You have an order fo…

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Newton's Apple

The apple fall,bounce,around! This application is free simple game,you can do with a little time. ◆Description◆ When you tap the start button,the apple fall from above. And draw a line tracing the screen,the apple bounce on the line,please add the line so as not to fall. When you tap the trash button,you can erase the lines you wrote.

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Light Generator

Light generator self-explanatorily exactly! I will explain!when you turn round the handle on the screen,Light will shine...over! Let's turn round the handle,and be a fool! ◆Description◆ ◆Manual◆ You just turn round the handle on the screen. Light only shine while turning. ◆Auto◆ You don't have to turn the handle. It's recommended for…

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