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  • Bobby Run

    Bobby Run




    Feel the real HD ("1080p" 1920x1080 , ful hd , for big screens and tablets and high-end mobiles, will work on all phones however may not be smooth) backgrounds and outstanding game-play. How far can you "run and jump"? Download Bobby Run for "FREE" and enjoy amazing...

  • Police Lights 2

    Police Lights 2




    New Police lights 2 with options to set properties of each light and speed then have lots of fun! ----------- Entertainment purposes only ------- Lights are like real simulation of police lights , please use in doors and not on the roads. Features: > mix and match speeds and colors >...

  • 16 Boxes

    16 Boxes


    16 boxes and 1 item, find the item when boxes stop spinning, you only have one try! -- How to Play -- - Look at the boxes when all boxes are open and remember the item inside the box and keep track. -When stop tap on the box, tapping faster gives more points

  • Pets Online - Virtual Pets

    Pets Online - Virtual Pets




    Pets Online is a virtual pets game where you can buy ,own and sell other pets like a fantasy team. You play the game to compete with other users to see who will get the most coins and who will be top on the leaderboard. This game requires you to buy and sell pets to gain coins and earn diamonds...

  • TetVirus | box falling puzzle

    TetVirus | box falling puzzle




    Your objective is to destroy the viruses populated in the bottle by using colored capsules that are dropped into the bottle. You manipulate the capsules as they fall so that they are aligned with viruses of matching colors, which removes them from the bottle. You progress through the game by...

  • Police Lights

    Police Lights




    ----------- Entertainment purposes only ------- Download and become a cop! turn the lights off and set your mobile brightness to full and enjoy the lights! Features: > Move to SD > 4 Modes to have fun with > Real LIKE light animations! Up coming updates will include more lights and...

  • Make Em Move

    Make Em Move




    Control 3 trucks and avoid hitting into objects! Easy to play with simple controls. Muti-touch: You can have your friends help you! Get first place on leaderboard How many Miles will you reach?

  • Guide The Ball

    Guide The Ball




    ------- How to play ----- -- Tap the screen to bounce the ball up -- Avoid hitting into any objects By controlling the ball -- have fun! -- similar to flappy games

  • Smart Wifi Scanner

    Smart Wifi Scanner




    Classic Wi-Fi Scanner for Android! Ability to scan Wi-Fi connections around you and display them., This application is able to detect Ad Hoc Mode connections (You cannot connect to it,unless your phones supports), which are not visible to built-in WiFi Manager and you can connect to networks!...

  • Coin Crush - 3match

    Coin Crush - 3match




    permissions are required by google and admob we do not use any of them. From creator of police lights, copter floppy ball comes coin crush A free to play game where the aim is to match 3 coins of same color and get the needed points before the time runs out, you can move the coin left , right ,...

  • iBasketball i99

    iBasketball i99




    How many goals can you score in 99s, with online leaderboards and using realistic physics. Simple game where your aim is to score as much as possible in 99s. Get on the leader-board beat other live players be number 1. --- How to play -- -- Pull and Let go to shoot the ball -- wait for next...

  • Tap Arrow

    Tap Arrow




    Shoot down the monsters in this fun game, use the arrows by tapping on the screen to shoot down the monster, killing in row gives you extra points: Kill spree Double Kill Triple Kill Ultra Kill and Rampage! however if you miss you lose the rank! Easy to play by tapping on the screen.

  • 99 Candies

    99 Candies




    A fun physics game where you touch the screen to open the gate and candies fall out, your aim is to get them through the moving tube, points are given when you get them through moving tube you gain points however if you don;t you lose candies, you have 99 of them. Easy to play, tap the screen...

  • Epic Jump

    Epic Jump




    EPiC Jump is most Addictive on android, aim of the game is to jump and collect the coins without hitting the objects, challenge people around the world with online scores, be the first on leaderboard! tired of playing floppy bird, city jump, temple run or city run games then try this much harder...

  • Copter





    A classic copter game where you fly a helicopter through obstacles and avoid hitting into them. The copter is very easy to operate because copter is played by just touching on the screen to navigate your copter up and down by default the copter will just fall and crash if you don't touch...

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