Filip Rachůnek

  • SIM Card Manager

    SIM Card Manager




    SIM Card Manager is a very tiny (only 57 kB!) tool that reads your phone SIM card and displays many useful information: - Phone type (GSM, CDMA etc.) - Phone number (if available) - IMEI of the device - SIM state (SIM absent, network locked, PIN required, PUK required, ready) - SIM country ISO...

  • BrainCalc





    Plně vybavená a snadno použitelná vědecká kalkulačka pro Android. BrainCalc obsahuje následující funkce: - Kontextová nápověda pro všechny klávesy. - Neomezený počet pamětí - Trigonometrické funkce ve stupních, radiánech a gradech - Úhlové stupně, minuty a vteřiny - Zlomky - Procenta - Komplexní...

  • Digital Clock Widget

    Digital Clock Widget




    To use this widget: - Long click on an empty space of your home screen - Select Widgets - Select Digital Clock 4x1 or Digital Clock 2x1 IMPORTANT! If you use Memory Booster or any other kind of task killer, make sure that Digital Clock Widget is on its white list or it will not work...

  • Mathematical Formulas

    Mathematical Formulas




    The application contains well known and useful formulas of many different topics of mathematics. It is a great tool for (not only) students of grammar, high and university schools. Please note that the app size is only 100 kB! The reason is that it contains NO IMAGES (except the launcher icon)...

  • Měnové kurzy

    Měnové kurzy




    Aktuální kurzy + měnová kalkulačka v jednom widgetu! Návod k použití: - Dlouze stiskněte na prázdném místě obrazovky - Vyberte Nástroje - Zvolte Měnové kurzy 2x1 nebo Měnové kurzy 1x1 Tento jednoduchý widget zobrazí aktuální kurzy (nebo k vybranému datu) České národní banky pro 3 zvolené...

  • BrainKing





    This is the Android client application for the game site BrainKing. Please note that the application is in highly unfinished state and should be used for testing purposes only. It is likely that many features are not functioning properly at the moment. Thank you for...

  • BrainCalc Unlock Key

    BrainCalc Unlock Key




    Unlock BrainCalc to enable premium features and support further development. The extra features include: - A calculated expression is shown at the bottom of the calculator display - Complex numbers - Matrix mode (system of linear equations, determinant, inverse matrix) - Statistical functions...

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