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FINARX Qlaqs Timesheet

Complete Permission Edition of FINARX Timesheet Summary Since 2009 timesheet is your project and task-based tool for time tracking for freelancer, employees, teams and employers with more than 400.000 platform comprehensive downloads. ✔Master your working times and track them according to projects and tasks ✔Control your success and manage revenu…

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FINARX Fax light

Send Faxes directly from your Android Phone! With our fax application FINARX Fax - the first real fax software for the iPhone - you can now also send faxes with your Android smartphone. Like from fax machine to fax machine you can now fax text documents, photographs and other documents with your iPhone to any fax machine - choose a photo from you…

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FINARX Scan Light

Is it a Smartphone or is it a document scanner? It’s both! FINARX Scan turns your device into a high quality, portable scanner for documents, white boards, flipcharts and more. Everything you need in a scanner is right here at your fingertips. THIS IS THE PUBLIC DEMO VERSION Buy the Pro version to get access to all features. Is it a Smartphone…

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Timesheet Google Apps Plug-in

The Timesheet Google Apps Plug-in is a useful enhancement to the Timesheet Minimum Permission Edition. Via google apps calendar synchronisation your working times can be synchronised automatically with an associated google calendar. Modifications of your google calendar are also synchronised to your smartphone. With this helpful feature you will…

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Timesheet WiFi Plugin

The Timesheet WIFI Plug-in is a useful enhancement to the Timesheet Minimum Permission Edition. Via WIFI recognition working times will be started automatically when you connect with a certain WIFI and they will be stopped automatically when you disconnect! With this helpful feature you won´t forget time tracking anymore!

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