• AutostradeItaliane




    AutostradeItaliane è una semplice applicazione in fase di sviluppo che permette in tempo reale di collegaresi al sito autostradeitaliane e ricevere alcune informazioni relative ai principali tratti autostradali italiani! -integrazione webcam (solo qualche tratto! aggiunte nei prossimi giorni!)...

  • giocoliere



  • Costituzione Italiana




    Con questo update ho aggiunto una piccola pubblicita per una mia nuova app e alcuni articoli! Nei prossimi giorni li metterò tutti! Provatela anche NumeriItaliani!!. -implementazione voce primi articoli Ciao Thanks

  • TreCarte




    This is a very simple Card Game! You musst try to find the Jolly Card! I want improve it in the next days! Please try my other Apps on the Market! Search the fipra developer! Thanks Fipra

  • SimpleLyrics




    SimpleLyrics is a free very simple Lyrics search! Please try and buy my Translators Apps on the Markt! Thank you Fipra

  • Surnames




    This app find on the web the meaning of most popular surnames. Thanks Fipra

  • IrregularVerbs




    This is a very simple App with all English Irregular Verbs ! Thank You Fipra

  • NameMeaningLite




    With NameMeaning you can find many Meaning of top Names. With this Lite version is possible only search the A Names! Please buy the full version on the Market. Thanks Fipra

  • DirectTranslatorChinese




    This is a simple but efficient program to translate the voice without text imput! This version try to translate words and smal frases from English to Chinese . Very important is to change the TTS Engine to eSpeak (not pico)! I prepare other version of my application for other languages....

  • VocalTranslator




    This application is a Voice Translator that used TTS! I have hadded new Language! -Presentation of my new App Thank you Fipra

  • VocalGoogle




    My aplication ist very simple! There is a same widget of android! My is not a copy but my work and experiment in programming. Thanks Fipra

  • VocalDice




    This is a very funny simple Dice Game with Vocal Commands! I hope it is really funny... +sound effect! Thanks Fipra

  • VoiceDic




    This is my first application with the speech recognition ! This is a very small dictionary english spanish only with a fews body parts words... thank you fipra

  • EUR_Currency




    This is a simple program to get the current values of some currencies (am currently only CHF, USD) Thanks Fipra

  • Dollar Value




    This is a simple Dollar Currency application. The update is after every 4th hour. I have hadded the full list of currency. It works only online! Thanks Fipra

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