First Light

  • Cache Radar




    An appWidget dedicated for geoCachers – install it on your home screen. [Please please note: a number of people have reported that this does not work because they have not realised that it is an appWidget which you have to manually install on your home screen] It dynamically updates itself to...

  • Uninstaller Feedback




    NB This application is an optional add on that only works alongside other applications from First Light eg Cache Radar. Otherwise it will do nothing for you. It's primary purpose is to capture user feedback when uninstalling one of our other applications, to help us determine how we can...

  • Cache Hound




    CacheHound is a paperless geocaching application. It has been designed so that it is equally capable of working in tandem with a stand-alone GPS unit that may have minimal support for geocaching, or as a fully self contained application on your Android device. * No need to turn on android GPS...

  • Tile Slider


    Traditional tile sliding puzzle game using picture not numbers or letters, with three levels of difficulty. You have the ability to save and reload games.

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