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    Hunchy Lite

    A classic retro game brought back to Android.

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    Download LGF Code Breaker LGF Code Breaker icon
    LGF Code Breaker

    Solve the codes in this logical challenge, similar to mastermind games. Every time you crack the code, you move up a level to solve a longer code. Can you solve the 10-colour code?

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    LGF Sgt Major

    LGF Sgt Major is a version of the popular Sergeant Major card game (also known as 8-5-3) for Android devices. It is a trick taking game for 3 players, where the objective is to take as many tricks as you can. Players who do well, and make more tricks than they need, get to punish opponents by exchanging low cards for high cards in the following ha…

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    Download LGF Chinese Patience LGF Chinese Patience icon
    LGF Chinese Patience

    LGF Chinese Patience is the classic solitaire game for two players where you play against an Android opponent. Play solitaire, trying to get rid of all your cards. The winner is the first player with no cards left. Very addictive and fun game. Statistics are retained of how many games you have won and lost. If you like solitaire patience games…

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    Download LGF Card Counter Lite LGF Card Counter Lite icon
    LGF Card Counter Lite

    A very useful application to help you win at cards when playing on-line. Keep track of all cards that have been played simply by touching your mobile phone. Ideal for playing games like Spades, Hearts, Bridge and other games where 52 cards are dealt.

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