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Darts 3D Pro

Brand New Darts Shooting game for you! In this sports simulation game, score the points by hitting the target, getting a double or triple will boost your score. Darts is a fun archery style game. Perfect mix of arcade and simulation, cool graphics and run smoothly. Throw Darts, Competition and Challenges, JUST DO IT! How to play: ✔ Drag the darts…

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Shoot Arrow

In this game you are a arrow shooter, your mission is try to hit the targets with arrows and advance to the next levels. Shooting arrow is a challenging archery game, practicing your archery skills. Shooting hero, Have Fun! How to play: 1.Hold and drag the arrow, release to shoot. 2.Hitting the target will cause the tree to shake and apples fal…

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Knife Shoot

A classic knife shoot game. You are a knife shooter, score points by hitting the fruits whithout hurting the bikini girl. This game is a combination of Darts and Fruit Ninja, simple and addictive gameplay, show your shooting and reaction speed! How to play: Tap to throw the kinfe. Tags: Free shooting games, Knife throwing, Fruit slice, Sports g…

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Farm Pets Link

Dream Pets link is a very classic match-two game! In this game, your goal is clear all the pets to level up, more challenge, more faster. Farm Pets Link is a new version, Many Levels! Have Fun! How to play: - Tap the pets to connect. - Find the same pets which you can link them by straight line, the same pets will disappear. Features: - More tha…

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Great Shoot

Great Shooter is a challenging apple shooting game. In this game, your mission is shoot the apple placed on a man's head with arrows whithout hurting the man. Great archer, challenge all levels! How to play: 1.Tap on hero, hold ,move and drag to increase the power to set the angle. 2.Release to shoot, shoot all the apples whithout hurting the…

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Find Differences 2

A Most Beautiful Find Differences Game To Play! Compare two images and spot five differences between them! This game have four scenes: Adornment, Girls, Doll, Car. How fast can you find 5 differences between 2 photos? How to Play: 1. Tap the photo to mark mark the difference 2. Hints must be used wisely. Tags: Find differences, Find Something, C…

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Gobang Deluxe

Gobang Deluxe is a classic brain and chess game, also is an abstract strategy board game. GoBang, also known as GoMoku or 5-in-a-Row, is a traditional oriental game played with black and white stones on a 19x19 GO board. It is a simple game, like Tic-Tac-Toe. Best card strategy game, Challenge! Tags: Free card games, Free entertainment, Casual gam…

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Jewels Link

Jewels Link is simple but really addictive match-two game. In this game, your target is to eliminate as many jewel block as possible in limited time. Click on a blank space, if the jewel block matches the nearest neighboring blocks vertically or horizontally, will be eliminated if they are the same color. Have Fun! Game instructions: - You got 1…

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