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Solve The Cube

Learn how to solve the Rubik’s cube by playing !!! THE CUBE Rubik’s cube was invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik. Originally called the 'Magic Cube'. THE METHOD Really easy to learn method for solving the Rubik’s cube taught in a fun and easy way even for a baby. This method consists in 7 easy…

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Only pro gamers will be able to control the art and become authentic tracers. Show the world your best score and race to be number one. Features: - Realistic movements - Graphics HD - Realtime 3D physics - Hard to learn, almost impossible to control

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Coin Flip 3D

Flip the coin and take your decision. 3D physics.

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Spell Game

Learn how to spell with this spelling game + Fun + Learn English + Learn how to spell + Amazing + Spelling competition + more than 2000 words + Spell App Want to suggest a new feature? Find something confusing? Found a bug? Send us an e-mail at subject: SpellApp

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Flappy Cube

Amazing multiplayer tap game. progresses rapidly on the Top and beat your Facebook friends in this fun MMO. If you like tap games you can not missed this.

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Ping Pong 5

A great game inspired on the legendary Pong. Player Vs Player Player Vs Machine keywords: awesome, retro, old, pong, older, fashion, cute, tron, top free, fun

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Zombie Race

Thanks to the brainChip you can control your own zombie through the RYGB remote controller. Your memory will be your best ally and the countdown your worst enemy. Beat your friends and show them who the most brainy is.

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Awesome candy world needs you to save the kittens from water Touch Destruction Multi Touch Destruction Slide Destruction 100% sugar free Incredible levels Real-time physics Cute graphics 2D

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