• Wank-o-meter Ad Killer




    WARNING: THIS IS NOT AN STANDALONE APP. INSTALL 'WANK-O-METER' TO USE THE APP. Buy this plug-in to aid us in the development of Wank-o-meter and other funny, stupid apps. Well, some of the tips will be spent on having a beer with friends: sometimes we need inspiration!! In exchange...

  • Kill Villains




    Be the one to kill famous villains like Osama Bin Laden, Hitler, Charles Manson, Heidi and many other funny characters.

  • Islander




    This is the story of a guy who was in a plane that crashed in an island. His greatest sorrow? In the surroundings, there's an island full of beauties. No way to reach them. Oh wait! Maybe you can do something about it! This game is a BETA and it has only a few levels. Please, email us to...

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