• Ultra GPS Logger Lite




    This lite version of Ultra GPS Logger allows you to test core functionality for up to one week. If you want to continue using the app after one week or if you want to unlock all features you need to purchase the full version. The following options are only available in the full version:...

  • Ultra GPS Logger




    - formats: NMEA, KML, GPX, CSV - log raw, by distance or time - log during standby - AutoLog, AutoStart - Send log / track by email - Publish to FTP - Compress log: Zip, KMZ - Google Maps, Open Street Map - POIs, etc - Online Services - Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive - Barometer / pressure...

  • Race Logger




    Race Logger is a special version of Ultra GPS Logger. It has special support for yacht racing. Please be advised that this version does not offer all functionality of Ultra GPS Logger. So if your are not looking for a yacht racing logger, please check out Ultra GPS Logger. - Finish line...

  • GPS Track Viewer




    GPS Track Viewer allows you to view KML, KMZ, GPX, CSV and NMEA files on a Google Map. It supports Standard, Terrain, Satellite and Hybrid mode. The app registers for the supported file types and can be selected in all popular file managers as viewer. The following extensions / formats are...

  • sms N call 2 email




    sms N call 2 email allows you to forward your incoming and outgoing SMS and calls to your email account. It is very simple to setup: 1. You enter your email address 2. You activate the forwarding service Afterwards all your messages are forwarded plus you will get a notification about...

  • UGL Widget




    To use this widget you need the following in addition to the widget: - Ultra GPS Logger This widget lets execute commands within Ultra GPS Logger. The supported commands are: StartLog StartLogDlg PauseLog StopLog; StopUGL MarkPOIDlg BackgroundGPS_On BackgroundGPS_Off StartStop_Toggle

  • UGL SMSCtrl Plug-in




    To use this plugin you need the following in addition to the plugin: - Ultra GPS Logger SMS Notifications This plugin adds SMS notifications to Ultra GPS Logger. Possible notifications are: StartLog, StopLog, FinishLine Remote Control This plugin lets you execute commands within Ultra GPS...

  • UGL Locale Plug-in




    To use this plug-in you need the following in addition to the plug-in: - Ultra GPS Logger - A app compatible with Locale API. e.g. Locale, Tasker or EasyProfiles This plug-in allows remote control of Ultra GPS Logger via Locale API. The following commands are supported for remote control:...

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