• Cam Server


    The CamServer application turns your android handset into a wireless remote controlled camera.You'll be able to control the handset's camera using your browser by simply connecting to the address displayed on the handset's screen. Your phone and your computer needs to be connected to...

  • Travel Expenses




    The travel expenses application helps you to organize and file the expenses you have during a business trip. You'll also be able to configure your own expense types and their default values. -Create business trips -Add expense items to each trip -Take a photo of the receipt -Configure...

  • Metronome


    This is a simple metronome you can always have with you as long as you bring your phone.

  • CamServer Free




    CamServer Free is the free version of the CamServer application. It let's you control your phone's camera using your computer's browser. Your phone and your computer *MUST* be connected to the same wifi-network. Simply connect to the address displayed on your handset's screen....

  • TimeManager Free




    This is the free version of the TimeManager application. It is ad-supported -Manage your timesheet -Manage your clients -Manage the rates of your work -Export to csv file on sd-card -Export to csv file and send over email -Export directly to a Google Docs spreadsheet -Review and delete registered...

  • Time Manager


    The time manager application lets you manage the workload that should be invoiced to customers and clients. The interface is very simple and easy to use. You can export your time sheet to either a csv file which will be saved on your sdcard, or email it to yourself or export it to a google doc...

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