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  • Fake Prank Call - Simulator




    Fake Prank Call - Joke to make free calls and false. It is 100% FREE. We really like the jokes, so we created this application and you can fool your friends. This app will make simulation believe they call you by phone (can put you receive calls from famous footballer or your fake girlfriend)...

  • Fake Call & SMS




    Fake Call & SMS - Joke to make free calls and false. It is 100% FREE. key features: - fake caller id number. - change name of caller. - fake call with picture. - pretend your boss calling. - make call with your own ringtone. - schedule a fake call. - easy to use. more features: - tricked...

  • 5.0

    Are You A Movie Maniac? Trivia




    Choose your favorite pack and answer all the questions correctly

  • Scratch and Guess Logo




    Play Scratch & Guess Logo, the first game ever where you can have fun while answering the scratched results from the image. You will scratch your favorite logos from world famous brands, companies, sport clubs, organizations and guess their names. There is reward of coins and stars for each...

  • Guess the Sliding Logo




    Are you ready for some SLIDING logo fun? Guess the Sliding Logo is logo sliding game where each puzzle contains one logo that you need to guess the right answer from the four suggestions. It is a game that anyone can play and enjoy. And there’s more! • Lots of levels Constantly updated with new...

  • 7.0

    What's the Sliding Word?




    Find out which one's the correct word and answer as quickly as you can

  • Scratch with Friends




    Play Scratch with friends, the best social scratching and guessing game on IOS! Challenge your friends on some of the many packs that we have prepared for you Plus get these special bonuses: 5 Hints 5 Rockets Bonus coins for facebook login It’s easy to play. Just connect with Facebook to find and...

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