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    Easy Cloud Print

    Easy Cloud Print is an ad supported print application that allows users to print their documents with their Android devices over the Google cloud. Some features are not yet implemented and will be added to Easy Cloud Print shortly. Easy Cloud Print works over Google Cloud Print. Google Cloud Print can connect to to any existing printer on Windows…

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    Download MailDroid Themes Plugin MailDroid Themes Plugin icon
    MailDroid Themes Plugin

    Make MailDroid your own by adding color and style. After installing this plugin, you will get access to additional themes to use under the themes section in the settings menu in MailDroid. You can use these themes and the existing styles section in settings to make MailDroid look the way you want. NOTE: This plugin requires MailDroid 3.50 or abov…

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    Download Penguin Flyers Penguin Flyers icon
    Penguin Flyers

    Flippy the Penguin enjoys jumping and he also enjoys flying. He has always wanted to see how high he can go. He even traveled away from his native ice world and found other worlds to fly into. Help Flippy by seeing how high you can get him to go. Use powerups such as a rocket and trampoline to get him higher. Bounce off the springboards on side wal…

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    Download Sync for Flickr Sync for Flickr icon
    Sync for Flickr

    Sync for Flickr allows you to map local folders on your device to albums that you have set up on Flickr. This will let you use your device to have and take images and keep them in sync with the Flickr website. The app is free to use for 21 days. If you decide that you would like to keep the app, a small one time fee is required in order to keep u…

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    Download Sky Raider Sky Raider icon
    Sky Raider

    One of our favorite games as a child was River Raid, we decided to honor it by remaking it as an app with some slight differences. The game is very enjoyable and should give you hours of fun! Relive your childhood and shoot down some planes and remember to get fuel! Leaderboard and Achievements with Google Play! We are not associated with Atari…

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    Download Spell Checker Pro Spell Checker Pro icon
    Spell Checker Pro

    A spell checker application to easily spell check text as well as put in some simple html features and then send it off to your favorite application. Allows other developers to easily integrate this editor into their applications with intents. Please try the ad version first! License Issues: If license fails, please click Menu --> License Che…

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    Download TipCalculator for Android Wear TipCalculator for Android Wear icon
    TipCalculator for Android Wear

    This is a tip calculator for use with your Android Wear device. It has been tested on both round and square screens. This calculator allows you to calculate the tip % as well as the ability to split the bill for different people. Also, with an in-app purchase it allows you to store your history including your location. The tip calculator also has…

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