• How old are they?




    Did you ever asked yourself how old the kids of your friend are? When was the birthday of your spouse's parents? Enter their birthday and never forget them again. Get cool tips on what a good gift would be for their age. This app does not read your contacts. It has no right to do so. None of...

  • WordArt




    create good-looking word-clouds.

  • Family-Interview




    This app was created with the idea in mind that in most cases only the grandchildren are interested in the life story of the grandparents. Sometimes it is too late by then or the options are limited to get the desired information. The elderly have only a few years to record one's own life for...

  • just fun


    don't be bored any more. take a look at 'just fun' an smile for the rest of your day.

  • CalcO




    find the right numbers to solve the equation. calculate against the clock.

  • Explorer - How far can you go?


    Fly through the labyrinth and collect all coins. Try to get as far as you can. It is not as easy at it look like...

  • DiggerDroid




    Digger-Droid is inspired by Boulder Dash, originally released in 1984 for Atari 8-bit computers. The game's protagonist is called "DiggerDroid". He must dig through caves collecting gems and diamonds and reach the exit within a time limit, while avoiding various types of...

  • Maildiary




    The simple diary for your memories We regularly ask you via e-mail about your new experiences. Simply respond by e-mail and fill your diary or use this app to keep up to date. The everyday little things, e.g. during growth of your children, while working on your projects, solve problems or...

  • RandomPIX


    send a picture to someone in the world. Get a picture from someone in return. You never know who got your image.

  • Clip2Droid


    The best way to send an http-url or some text from your desktop-browser to your android-device. Every tried to enter a long url into your on-screen-keyboard? Just copy it into your firefox- or chrome-form and send it to your device-clipboard. Very easy for the daily use. You never want to miss...

  • ownStaGram




    Photo-Sharing OwnStaGram is a free photo-sharing software which allows to upload photos from within its site and this android-app. Every picture can be shared via an unique url. Self-Hosted OwnStaGram is an small PHP-OpenSource-project which will be installed easily on every php/mysql-enabled...

  • Resize2Share


    This is the easiest way to resize your photos before sharing them. This app does exactly this. You take a picture, share it with this app, it will be resized an immediately opens the share-dialogue again to let you share the resized picture. No more hassle with selecting the size and click to...

  • fOLLO




    If you are on your way to someone, let them know where you are. Send an email with which they can see you driving or walking. If someone is waiting for you to arrive this will help them to keep track of your way.

  • Worte finden




    finde die Worte im Buchstabenhaufen. Senkrecht und Waagerecht sind hier viele Worte versteckt. Tippe sie an und sammle die Punkte ein. Ein schönes Spiel für Zwischendurch, ganz ohne Werbung.

  • HTTP Position




    I very useful app for all those who own a webserver or webspace and like to trigger a http-request based on gps-accuracy. Start this app and call an url with the gps-coordinates. Point this to your own server and let a php-skript send you an email or write into a mysql-database. Whatever you do,...

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