• Ecrire-Nombre




    Ecrire-Nombre vous permet de vérifier rapidement l'orthographe d'un nombre. L'application se base sur les règles d'orthographe de la réforme de l'académie Française de 1990. Il suffit de saisir le nombre à partir des chiffres pour obtenir son orthographe.

  • French Chuck Nrris "Facts"




    About 10 000 French Chuck Nrris "Facts". Use swipe gessture to navigate into facts.

  • A Maze In (labyrinth game)




    A Maze In, is a simple labyrinth game. You can choose difficulty and try to go out the labyrinth. In this version there are 12 labyrinth to solve in each level. Your score is calculated on the number of steps and the time used to solve the labyrinth.

  • The dies is cast




    You need a dice or dies to play and you have not it? This application is for you. You just have to shake your phone to play and have a dice result. Dice is choose randomly.

  • French department game




    This application helps you to learn french department. It will ask you to find for each of the 96 french department its number.

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