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Portrait Health Centers, the industry leader in the treatment of learning disorders for children and adults, shares tips, news, and advice about the treatment, diagnosis, and therapy options for people struggling with Attention Deficit (ADHD) and other learning disorders.

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Wizard Spell Book

Ready to join the Wizarding World? Learn how to perform spells. Learn how to perform real magic. Have your wand at the ready and learn how to be a wizard with magical powers!

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Hidden Mickeys: Disney Parks

Hidden Mickeys of Disney World and Disneyland (with pictures!) What is a Hidden Mickey? A Hidden Mickey is an image of Mickey Mouse concealed in the design of a Disney attraction or resort. Traditionally, it takes the shape of Mickey’s head and ears in silhouette (one large circle with two smaller circles on top), but Hidden Mickeys can also ta…

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SAT Vocab

Here's an easy way to study and learn over 1000 words frequently found on the PSAT and SAT exams. Each quiz includes 40 words. FEATURES: - Over 1,000 vocabulary words found on the SAT - 28 Interactive Quizzes - Leaderboard where you can compare your scores with other players Master 1 quiz a day, and you'll have them all memorized in…

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Kissing Guide

Do You Want to Learn How to Kiss? This is your Complete Guide to Kissing. WHAT’S INCLUDED: •10 Steps to the Perfect Kiss •The First Kiss •ADULTS ONLY SECTION! •Kissing Games •Step-by-Step Kissing Instructions •Do’s & Don’ts •Advice and FAQs •French Kissing and more! There are many kinds of kisses to reflect the many levels of affection you c…

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Justin Bieber Fan Quiz!

Are you Bananas for Justin Bieber? Test your Beiber Fever knowledge with the Bananas for Bieber app. Five different games to play and compare your score with other Bielebers!

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