• 6.8

    Mines & Magic




    Medieval themed closed deck card game, simple enough for players of all ages

  • 8.0

    Plumber Crack




    Toss items into the plumbers crack under the kitchen sink

  • Udder




    "Holy Cow! This game is UDDERLY ridiculous!" Yeehaw! Time for a Rodeo challenge like no other! How long can you milk the cow? Wrangle those cow teats and milk them as fast as you can! Try not to miss the bucket or you'll lose valuable time! Don't cry over spilled milk, just...

  • 5.0

    Streaker Run




    Irreverent endless runner

  • GayBots




    The evil Robophobes have unleashed a virus that is corrupting the peace loving robots of Rainbowtron. Only you can stop Megaphobe and free the GayBots from the forces of ignorance and intolerance! Unite the GayBots and free your friends using the powers of Friendship and Love! GayBots is a...

  • 7.0

    Grumpy Bears




    Attack the grumpy bears who're willing to steal your honey

  • Word Meister Friends Free




    It’s your turn to join the frantic, word-building fun of Word Meister Friends! Challenge your friends and compete to unscramble the letters and find as many words as you can. Think fast, tap quickly and charge up with mega power-ups to get mega scores, and become the Word Meister! ☆ Challenge...

  • Office Jerk: Holiday Edition




    Happy Holidays, Jerk! ☆ New items just in time for Christmas! Make these Holidays a blast! ☆ Office Jerk is home for the holidays, enjoying a night on the couch with his favourite furry friend and his favourite seasonal TV show: the beloved “Burning Log Show.” And remember, everyone deserves a...

  • USB Simulator 2015: Get it in!




    Who hasn't found themselves muttering under their breath in sheer frustration trying to insert a USB stick? Why does it never seem to go in the first time? Why do we second guess ourselves every time? Are we holding it the right way, which way is the right way? Well with USB Simulator...

  • Office Zombie




    From the creators of Office Jerk comes the undead hit, Office Zombie: where a casually funny zombie apocalypse meets the 9 to 5 office grind. Throw tons of objects that will ruin even the toughest Zombie's day! ☣ Voodoo Doll(NEW ITEM) ☣ Maggot Bowl ☣ Skull ☣ Canned Meat...

  • 5.0

    Office Jerk Free




    Throw bizarre objects at the guy and watch his ridiculous reactions

  • Kitten Assassin




    Kitten Assassin! A sniper arcade game where cats and dogs pitted against one another in epic battle of good vs evil. Play as a Kitten Assassin, a kitten pushed too far by the tyrannical dogs that rule Dogmana. Your mission - get your revenge and reclaim your home. Kill dog generals one by one...

  • 3.0

    Death Drop




    A ragdoll physics game

  • Snow Racer Friends Free




    ☆ NEW "Avalanche Run" Solo Mode! Snow Racer Friends Free is blazingly fast, snowboard fun! Blast through the snow and bolt past your friends in a race toward the finish line. Charge up with mega power ups to launch over ramps and grind across rails - becoming a blur and knocking...

  • Battle Brush




    Battle Brush is a simple, whimsical strategy game that challenges your inner artist to war! A war has begun in the art gallery! The paints have come to life and are out of control! Use your paintbrush to build an army to stop them! Elegantly command your troops in battle as you paint your...

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