• Hunt Birds




    The Bird Hunter is coming! It is a casual game with varied gameplay which is full of fun and easy to operate for all ages. The cartoon style, all kinds of lovely birds, fantasy scenes and a wealth of fowler weapons originated with us will give you a shock of game experience. Game Features: 1. It...

  • 2048 Luxury




    Enjoy the number, enjoy the game! Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! You can not Stop!!!! Slide on the chessboard to combine the same number of adjacent. Get 2048 to win!

  • Gold Miner 2015


    In Gold Miner 2015, there are: Four scenes: Australia, Antarctica, Egypt and Maya. Four game modes: solo, cooperation, confrontation and gem mode. FEATURES: 1> More types of treasure: more than 130 so far. 2> Kinds of props and suits with unique function. 3> Cute animals will steel...

  • No One Die




    In the game, you need to simultaneously control multiple stickmen running in different routes. Click on the screen in order to make them jump over the obstacles on the road but not killed by them. If you like challenge, join us!

  • Touch Swipe




    It is very simple, you just need slide the screen, but is requires your reaction speed and agility.

  • 3D Cube Wallpape




    A very brilliant 3D live wallpaper with the following features: 1.You can arbitrarily change the picture of each face of the cube, paste your lover and idol photos is a good idea 2.With seven kinds of particle effects can be chosen at random, to give you a gorgeous desktop 3.Finger sliding cube,...

  • DropsPuzzle




    This is a very interesting and playable game.You can add a drop of water to the grid by clicking the grid one time. With more than 4 drops in the grid ,the water droplets will break up into four drops in four directions up and down.And then the drops sputter into the water droplets in the grid...

  • 天天酷跑熊猫





  • Tank Rush




    "Tank Rush", is a type of war game, the game continues the classic FC Tank War game and 90 Tanks, Players to win by destroying enemy tanks to protect our military bases. Compared to other tank game, "Come on, Tank" with the following characteristics: 1. User friendly, the...

  • 2048 meow!




    Enjoy the number, enjoy the game! Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! You can not Stop!!!! Slide on the chessboard to combine the same number of adjacent. Get 2048 to win!

  • Avoid!!


    Avoid balls, is the only rules of the game. Avoid balls, don't touch the border. Join us, enjoy it!

  • 3K Heros TD




    A three-kings theme TD game, in addition to the set with fine screen, rich checkpoints, the enemies of the multi-branch,Also join the military commanders in which originality system also combines RPG game elements, including plot, upgrade and so on 1. has five beautiful scene, 27 hero, 40...

  • Golden Miner




    Phelmond conquered all difficulties and obstacle and captures slowly her heart,but Hiyat often set high goals for Phelmond.She want to have golden all over the world, Hiyat proving various depot merchandise, so Phelmond’s was build an excavation procession.He takes exchange some golden with...

  • Block go go go!




    Click on the left and right sides of the screen to control the box to the right and to the left are jumping, must not collide with obstacles, the screen edge Flying fish game game player group: 385475974 welcome everyone to join the discussion

  • New Gold Miner




    In the New Gold Miner there are 6 scenes: Australia,Hawaii,Maya,Las Vegas,Egypt and Atlantis. This game support single, double and two-player VS mode and present you with a beautiful interface. The characters have subtle actions and rich expressions. FEATURES: 1.More types of treasure: has 130...

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