• Lime Juice Live Wallpaper ☆


    Fill up your home screen with cool Lime Juice live wallpaper! Lime Juice Highlight: ☆ 3 HD lime juice theme with an extra free gift of orange and kiwi juice! ☆ Fully interactive! ☆ Smooth bubble animation! ☆ Battery friendly! ☆ Tablet and phone ready! Get a fresh cup of lime juice for your...

  • Arowana 2 Live Wallpaper




    A brand new Arowana Live Wallpaper with different animation effect! Lets these lovely arowana swim across your home screen! Arowana fish is called dragon fish in some Asian countries. It is believe to bring luck and wealth. This live wallpaper consists of 7 different arowana fish. Multiple...

  • USD Money Live Wallpaper




    Do you love money or USD? If you do, this is a live wallpaper for YOU! This 3D live wallpaper let you run in a 3D tunnel full of money with some extra add on special effect! Check out the preview screen! You can choose to "run" in different USD notes, from USD5 to USD100, just choose...

  • Aquarium Flowerhorn LWP




    Beautiful virtual aquarium with flowerhorn fish live wallpaper! Flowerhorn cichlids are ornamental aquarium fish noted for their vivid colors and the distinctively shaped heads for which they are named. Their head protuberance, or kok, is formally termed a "nuchal hump." They are...

  • Rebel Flag Time Travel LWP




    Rebel Flag Time Travel - a live wallpaper app which let you travel back to the South in a 3D time machine like tunnel. You can have full control of the tunnel like speed, direction, lighting color, tunnel curve, tunnel length etc etc. On top of that, you can select a few set of special effect...

  • Lion Live Wallpaper




    Lion Live Wallpaper is for all who love lion and leo! This live wallpaper put a big beautiful lion face right at your home screen! Lion Live Wallpaper Features: ✔ Special Halloween Ghost Mode! ✔ Cool pulse effect using OpenGL ES 2.0. ✔ Full control of the speed and style of animation. ✔...

  • Rebel Flag Wave Live Wallpaper




    Let this rebel flag waves in your home screen! This live wallpaper is heritage and not for hate. Rebel Flag Wave Live Wallpaper Features: ✔ 10 different style rebel flags! ✔ Cool waving effect using OpenGL ES 2.0! ✔ Full control of the speed and style of animation! ✔ Interactive by touch and...

  • GO Trippy Live Wallpaper




    Go Trippy Live Wallpaper - another trippy live wallpaper by FlyingFox! Lets get ready to go trippy together! Go Trippy Features ------------------- ✔ 10 HD trippy themes to choose from! ✔ Pulse effect with spotlight! ✔ Set twist amount, spotlight intensity, wave speed etc etc etc! ✔ Interaction...

  • Money Live Wallpaper $




    This money live wallpaper app let you Walk through a tunnel of money! Yes, this is the road to rich! :D We have created another version of this which only include different USD notes! Search Google Play: USD Live Wallpaper! Money Live Wallpaper Highlight ------------------------------- $ Flying...

  • Jesus Live Wallpaper




    An unique Jesus live wallpaper for all believers! This Jesus live wallpaper consists of Jesus Christ image animated in cool 3D effect. Jesus App Highlights --------------------- ♥ Up to about 20 settings for own customization! ♥ Over 10 Jesus Christ image! ♥ 3 beautiful and cool animation...

  • Neon Butterfly Live Wallpaper




    A stylish neon butterfly live wallpaper with lots of color combination and customization! This butterfly live wallpaper includes: ✓ 8 lovely HD butterfly themes ✓ Special spotlight animation effect ✓ Add on optional stars, glitter and bubble particle effect ✓ Full lightning control with...

  • Trippy Tunnel Live Wallpaper




    Another cool trippy live wallpaper by FlyingFox! Simulate a running 3D tunnel with many animation effect and dynamic interactive control! WARNING ----------- This live wallpaper might make you feel extremely dizzy! User Comments ---------------------- Michelle: Samsung Galaxy...

  • Neon Tunnel Live Wallpaper +




    This is a live wallpaper app for you to run your way through a forever changing neon glowing tunnel! Work perfect with any launcher or home screen app, especially cool to blend in with your 3D launcher! Fun interaction! Swipe to increase or decrease speed! Swipe to spin inside tunnel! Fun...

  • Weed Spiral Live Wallpaper




    Let these spiral flying weeds cover your home screen! A selection of 5 type of weed leaf which included 2 cool neon style leaf! Amazing fast background neon flash light animation to add extra trippy effect. User comment: Alex Kidwell with ★★★★★ BEST LIVE WEED WALLPAPER APP EVER This is the...

  • Fruit Live Wallpaper




    Fruit Live Wallpaper - Put lots of healthy food in your home screen! Fruit Live Wallpaper feature: * Full HD fruits image * Touch interactive with ripple effect * Special animation effect Fruits & water are good for you! Do remember to take lots of them daily! This is a free version with...

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