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Golden Ratio Calculator

The Golden Ratio Calculator allows you to input a total width value an...

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Download Instant Debbie Downer Instant Debbie Downer icon

Instant Debbie Downer

If someone you know is being a debbie downer, let them know at the pus...

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Download Laugh Track Laugh Track icon

Laugh Track

Get the laughter that you deserve when you are at your comedic best. W...

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Download Personal Applause Personal Applause icon

Personal Applause

Have an audience at the push of a button. Personal Applause will appla...

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Download Breen! Air Horn Breen! Air Horn icon

Breen! Air Horn

A classic club air horn for when you need to BREEEEEEEN! A simple, li...

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Download Honk the Horn Honk the Horn icon

Honk the Horn

Is someone in your way? Give them the horn. Honk the Horn features 4...

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Download Simple Stopwatch Simple Stopwatch icon

Simple Stopwatch

A simple polished stopwatch. Features minutes:seconds:miliseconds, and...

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Insane Explosions

Blow your friends away with 3 Insane Explosion sound effects. Swipe t...

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