• Insane Explosions


    Blow your friends away with 3 Insane Explosion sound effects. Swipe to hear the 3 included sounds: Grenade Crash Bomb

  • Animal Sounds 1 - Farm Sounds


    Animal Sounds 1 - Farm Sounds 4 buttons, 4 different real farm animal sounds. Animals included are Cow, Rooster, Horse and Sheep. Keep an eye out for more animals in future apps!

  • Simple Stopwatch




    A simple polished stopwatch. Features minutes:seconds:miliseconds, and start, stop, reset buttons. A smooth, polished design with extreme ease of use.

  • Laugh Track




    Get the laughter that you deserve when you are at your comedic best. When your audience doesn't know it's time to laugh, give them a taste of the laugh track.

  • Instant Debbie Downer




    If someone you know is being a debbie downer, let them know at the push of a button. The sad trombone lets everyone know that someone is bumming everyone out. Don't be a debbie downer, embarrass your friends into not being one either.

  • Golden Ratio Calculator




    The Golden Ratio Calculator allows you to input a total width value and have it be split in the golden ratio. Perfect for designers who are looking for spacing information, or anyone interested in the devine proportion. In mathematics and the arts, two quantities are in the golden ratio if the...

  • Personal Applause




    Have an audience at the push of a button. Personal Applause will applaud you by pushing the button.

  • Honk the Horn




    Is someone in your way? Give them the horn. Honk the Horn features 4 classic horn honking sound effects from a simple horn to an Ahooooga!

  • Breen! Air Horn




    A classic club air horn for when you need to BREEEEEEEN! A simple, lightweight, air horn that is great for providing any situation emphasis. Great for pranks, sporting events, or anytime you need to blast everyone with an air horn!

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