Foncannon Inc

  • 5.0

    Whoopee Cushion! ( fart )




    Whoopee Cushion! is an app that emulates realistically farting sounds

  • 3.0

    BLEEP Me!




    Annoy your friends by making noises and changing the conversation when you're bored

  • 7.0

    Air Horn!




    Air Horn! is an app which simulates different horns and other instruments sounds

  • Baby Height Predictor!




    Wonder what height your baby girl or boy will grow up to be? Baby Height Predictor easily lets you predict and calculate the future height of your baby or child based on health statistics. Just put in your height and your partner's height into the calculator, and see the prediction for when...

  • 7.0

    Air Horn - Pro




    Air Horn! is an app which simulates different horns and other instruments sounds

  • Whoopee Cushion Pro!




    The original Whoopee Cushion is now on Android! Carry a Whoopee Cushion with you wherever you go! The Whoopee releases a horde of realistic farts at the touch of a button. Also includes: - motion detector mode (goes off when someone sits down) - time delay mode (farts after you have left the...

  • Archive Any Sound!




    Easily record and archive sounds, noises, or ideas with your phone. This app keeps an easy to use archive list of your sounds, so you can store them in the archive, and use them as custom ringtones, notifications, or alarm sounds! Formerly known as Easy Ringtone Maker, the app lets you record...

  • Farting Fred ( the fart )




    ⌂⌂ The makers of Air Horn and farting Whoopee Cushion bring you Farting Fred! Poke his belly, feed him special items, and watch him fart like a champ! Imagine the kind of fart noises poor Fred will make when he: - drinks a can of unrefined oil - eats a questionable mushroom - swallows...

  • Baby Names!




    Baby Names, the app that lets you easily browse thousands of baby names and watch popularity trends! Find a baby name you like, and read all about the name meaning. Now on Android! Wondering if a baby name is becoming popular? Or going out of style? Baby Names lets you browse thousands of baby...

  • Laser Gun!




    Turn your Android into a classic, retro laser gun! Now you can vaporize friends and coworkers who stand in the way of your rise to absolute power! A great time waster and game for school, work, etc. Choose from such trusted laser weapons as Ol' Faithful, Barney the Purple Weapon, The Glass...

  • My Sounds! ( Make A Ringtone )




    Want a custom ringtone? This is a simple, very easy to use app that lets you record anything with your phone and make it into a custom ringtone, notification, or alarm! Record friends laughing or trying to sing, babies talking, or any weird, funny noise you can find, and put it on your phone as...

  • Fireworks!




    Celebrate your country by blowing up a small piece of it! This app allows you to shoot off M80's, rockets, spinners, and more! Tap or hold the screen for different effects on different fireworks. Finally! No more getting arrested for setting off fireworks at work, school, sporting events,...

  • Laugh Track!




    The sitcom laugh track is now on Android! Sometimes, all we really want from life is a large crowd that laughs at our every joke. Is that too much to ask? We don't think so, and by pressing the laugh button, a laughing crowd is at your command! Great sound and joke for meetings, parties,...

  • Tornado Warning Siren!




    Touch the screen to generate a tornado / air raid warning siren! Great sound effect during quiet meetings, school, or around nervous people. Recapture those terrifying memories of when tornadoes threatened to destroy your trailer park! Categories: A free game, with fun, humor, siren, music,...

  • エアホーン




    元のエアホーン、今あなたの電話で! 平和と静けさが意気地なしです。今、あなたは、エアホーン、学校、図書館、スポーツイベントを動作するように、世界をどのように重要であることを示すことができます!ダウンとして、あなたの社会的評判を大切に長い間、ボタンを押したまま。 アップデート:ニューを追加、サウンド、すぐに来てもっと!...

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