Foncannon Inc

  • Cushion piada




    Transforma o celular em uma piada de peido. Coloque o telefone em uma cadeira ou sofá. Se o seu telefone é tocado ou movido, ele permite que a flatulência fora! Uma piada clássica / jogo. Categoria: jogo piada. portugues

  • Der Pups (Schabernack)




    Schaltet Ihr Telefon in ein Furz Witz. Stellen Sie das Telefon auf einem Stuhl oder Sofa. Wenn Ihr Telefon berührt oder bewegt, können sie die Blähungen aus! Ein klassisches Scherz / Spiel. Kategorie: Witz Spiel. Deutsch

  • Teléfono Grito Broma




    Una broma fácil y el juego para jugar a los amigos. Hace que su teléfono parece estar apagado, y si alguien lo recoge, el teléfono le gritan a ellos. Categoría: humor, diversión, broma, broma, juego.

  • Screaming Phone Prank




    I know what you're thinking... "Gee I wish my android could provide me with some entertainment at someone else's expense!" Well now it can! This app turns your phone into a scary prank machine. It turns off your screen and if anyone touches it, it lets out a blood curdling...

  • Phone Pickup Prank




    A great prank to play on people at work or at a party! The app makes your phone appear to have accidentally called someone. When the victim picks up the phone to answer it, the phone suddenly screams in their ear! Is sure to scare! Category: game, fun, joke, bored, prank.

  • The Hallucination




    The app produces a pulsing light that will make you see amazing visual illusions through the concept of photic driving. Many people who view these pulsing lights report seeing complex shapes and images, similar to a dream. Pulsing lights have been used for meditation, relaxation, and learning....

  • Breath Holding Trainer




    Learn and train to hold your breath the way freedivers do! No experience required. Will automatically generate breath holding tables based on your best time or allows custom static apnea table input for advanced users.

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