• OpenSSL Checker




    This app will display a variety of information of the SSL / TLS communications using OpenSSL library. Also it will display it if there is a risk to OpenSSL library. The Android handset manufacturers will be able to freely customize the OpenSSL library. Therefore, the specification of the...

  • Server SSL Checker


    This application, "Server SSL Checker", can check the server's SSL vulnerability. This application will check whether the following process can be used for the specified server. * SSL version 2 * Compression * Secure renegotiation * weak cipher suite You can use the this...

  • SSLver


    Have you ever seen a WEB site that begins with "https://" URL is? At the site of a secure communication, this can be seen when you shop online at WEB, for example. This is a communication method to maintain the security, it is intended to access technology called SSL/TLS. Do you know...

  • Smtp Ping




    There is a "ping" as a program to diagnose the TCP/IP network such as the Internet or an intranet. "Smtp Ping" behaves like a "ping" just for the SMTP server. By using the function of ICMP echo (Internet Control Message Protcol), "ping" throw the packet...

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