• OpenSSL Checker




    The Android handset manufacturers will be able to freely customize the OpenSSL library. Therefore, the specification of the terminal Android OpenSSL library may be different from the standard specification. "OpenSSL Checker" will show the degree of customizable lebel of OpenSSL...

  • Server SSL Checker


    This application, "Server SSL Checker", can check the server's SSL vulnerability. This application will check whether the following process can be used for the specified server. * SSL version 2 * Compression * Secure renegotiation * weak cipher suite You can use the this...

  • SSLver


    Have you ever seen a WEB site that begins with "https://" URL is? At the site of a secure communication, this can be seen when you shop online at WEB, for example. This is a communication method to maintain the security, it is intended to access technology called SSL/TLS. Do you know...

  • Smtp Ping




    There is a "ping" as a program to diagnose the TCP/IP network such as the Internet or an intranet. "Smtp Ping" behaves like a "ping" just for the SMTP server. By using the function of ICMP echo (Internet Control Message Protcol), "ping" throw the packet...

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