• Jumpmaster PRO Study Guide




    GIVE YOURSELF AN EDGE. THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE STUDY RESOURCE AVAILABLE. Is helping prepare for a difficult Army school worth the price of a coffee at your favorite cafe? Of course it is. This is the Android version of our popular iOS app. This app has over 1000 Questions and Nomenclature...





    The SIT/STAT App displays the users current location in relationship to State Responsibility Areas (SRA) and Federal Responsibility Areas (FRA). These areas determine who has primary responsibility for wildland fires. The user can select two different map orientations and choose three different...

  • PROmote - Army Study Guide




    THE ESTABLISHED "GO TO" ARMY BOARD PREPARATION APP! BEFORE YOU BUY ANOTHER BOARD STUDY APP ASK YOURSELF: 1. Does it offer over 3,400 questions? You don't have to study all 3,400+ questions but they are there for you if you want to. Our app contains thousands more than some other...

  • TMAC 2015




    The TMAC 2015 (Tactical Mutual Aid Communications - 2015) App organizes radio frequencies into various zones that the Los Angeles County Fire Department utilizes to communicate between Los Angeles County Firefighters and cooperating agencies. The TMAC 2015 App assists the user by rapidly...

  • FireSync Shift Calendar




    Not merely a fireFighter shift calendar, a full-featured calendar app. Before you buy another firefighter shift calendar ask yourself: 1. Do you have to pay an annual subscription for the calendar? Not with us! We support firefighters by letting you keep more of your hard-earned money. Is...

  • BDC Comm Guide




    The BDC Comm Guide assists the user in locating frequencies used by San Bernardino County Fire VHF and 800mhz radios. Channel plans are included for 25 group VHF radios and 48 zone 800mhz radios. Users looking for specific channels can search by frequency number or channel name. The...

  • PDG PROmote Complete




    THE #1 SELLING PDG STUDY APP! NOW ON WINDOWS AND MAC! READ BELOW FOR MORE INFO. BEFORE YOU BUY ANOTHER PDG APP ASK YOURSELF: 1. Does it offer over 4,200 questions for EACH study guide? 2. Does it provide 100% coverage of AFPAM 36-2241? 3. Does it have an advanced learn engine that tracks...

  • USCG E-PME Study Guide




    *** The Official E-PME Study Guides Reformatted for a Phone-Sized Device (Offline) *** View Study and Test Progress at a Mere Glance *** Our apps are written by independent writers who have been in your shoes *** Over 1,000 REFRESHER questions in multiple Choice format *** All of the USCG...

  • Helispots (Los Angeles County)




    The Helispots App provides locations and vital information relating to the approved helispots used by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The user will be able to sort the helipots by battalion, proximity, day-use, night-use, and portable tank sites. In addition the user will be able to...

  • PEO STRI DSRG (2013/2014)


    The official 2013/2014 PEO STRI Desk-Side Reference Guide App. This app provides an overview of the US Army's PEO STRI organization and its capabilities. It also provides a summary of the numerous training and instrumentation systems provided by PEO STRI. Leaders will find this app helpful...

  • Army Uniforms AR/DA PAM 670-1




    NEWLY UPDATED TO THE 2014 UNIFORM CHANGES! Army Uniform and Insignia Policy in the Palm of Your Hand! The Army Uniforms and Insignia app is sourced from the 2014 versions of AR 670-1 and DA PAM 670-1 and describes the Department of the Army policy for proper wear and appearance of Army uniforms...

  • Army Ranger Handbook




    ENJOY A SUPERIOR USER EXPERIENCE! Be sure to check out our other military apps. put a lot of effort into the user experience and it shows. In addition to providing easy-to-use apps, we also REFORMAT ALL source materials for our apps so that they both display and flow...

  • Army PRT (FM 7-22)




    A Quick and Handy PRT Reference. NOW WITH BONUS CONTENT: NAVY SEAL FITNESS. The conduct of Army PRT follows the principles of precision, progression, and integration. These principles ensure that Soldiers perform all PRT sessions, activities, drills, and exercises correctly, within the...

  • Army Combat Lifesaver




    Learn Army Combat Lifesaver Skills (With Tests). SPECIALLY FORMATTED FOR EASY READING ON A PHONE-SIZED DEVICE. Not a frustrating PDF reader app. Learn US Army Combat Lifesaver skills or simply use as a handy reference. The material for this app is sourced from the Combat Lifesaver Course:...

  • Air Assault School Study Guide




    A Good Study Companion for Air Assault School! Over 300 questions! If it doesn't work on your device we'll cancel your order and refund your money. It's that simple. Use it as a study guide or as a handy air assault reference. The Air Assault School Handbook app is sourced from...

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