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  • 工展會




    為方便巿民搜尋工展會資料,及配合潮流步伐,廠商會推出工展會Android App,市民只需於Google Play Store搜尋「工展會」,即可免費下載工展會資訊,使用Android...

  • 香港的士司機(K1)




    香港的士司機(K1)平台是以為主體的工作平台,秉承K1一貫“互助友愛、服務社群”的宗旨,為全港九的士司機提供一個公平、公正、公開的平台運作。 歡迎所有的士從業員加入。

  • Gift from Nature – Volume 2


    “Gift from Nature – Volume 2” introduces a number of iconic dishes from four countries, including Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce from Italy, Oyster with Tofu in Clay Pot from Japan, Indian dessert Laddu, and German bread, which conveys the message of respecting and cherishing food. More about...

  • Gift from Nature – Volume 1


    Where is the food on your dining table from? By looking into four common home-made dishes – Yangzhou Fried Rice, Fish Fillets in Corn Sauce, Stir Fried Choy Sum with Ginger, and Chicken Feet, Black Eye Peas and Peanut Soup, Friends of the Earth (HK)’s latest publication "Gift from Nature –...

  • “Waste No Food” Recipe Book




    Friends of the Earth (HK) has published “Waste No Food Recipe Book” which collects 12 creative recipes contributed by local famous chefs and foodies to share their cooking recipes on how to fully utilize heads and tails of ingredients and leftovers when cooking. The book aims to promote green...

  • Best United Technology Ltd


    This is the latest product catalog of Best United Technology Ltd. Different series of products are listed. 這是駿匯科技有限公司的產品目錄,輯錄最新市場熱賣產品。 ************************************************************* Best United Technology Our Mission Incorporated in Hong Kong since 2009, Best United Technology...

  • Kity Choi Collection




    This is the personal photo collection of model, Ms Kity Choi. Photos shot in the events are filed on albums. 這是崔潔彤的個人相冊,輯錄她在活動上的相片。 ************************************************************* Four Directions was founded in 2010 on mobile consultancy industry and has been rapidly expanding...

  • Citywalk荃新天地




    Citywalk荃新天地iPhone App, 全新角度購物消閒新地標, 盡享最新購物餐飲藝術娛樂資訊及優惠 1. 消費優惠總覽 商場最新購物、餐飲、娛樂優惠,不時更新 2. 商場最新活動速遞 文化、藝術、娛樂、推廣活動,最新資料送上,一按加入行事曆 3. 掌上商店指南 店舖分類、地址、位置顯示、電話聯絡、營業時間全面顯示 iPhone App of Citywalk brings you the latest information on shopping and dining privileges, plus cultural and social events...

  • 4D




    Four Directions helps businesses discover new possibilities in an ever changing digital world. While our area of expertise lay in providing mobile application development, web application development, digital publication services and digital marketing solutions, our values come from our strategic...

  • 四方创意



  • I&T Community


    Innovation & Transformation community is a global invitation-only platform organized by Huawei to create a more connected world for CSP Executives worldwide. The community is intended to encourage innovative thinking and discussion in the aspect of business operation, transformation to grow...

  • 綠遊首爾 Seoul Green 文字版




    南韓除了有泡菜、紫菜、人參雞,細心留意還有隨處可見的環保心思。香港地球之友帶你漫步首爾大街小巷,發掘這個綠色都市的趣味。 港人討厭焚化爐、不想擴建堆填區, 原來南韓人、首爾人一樣身同感受。但南韓人在95年, 用腳用行動, 走出焚化、堆填以外的第三條廢物管理之路-—源頭減廢。結果, 幾年間, 成功爭取, 把自己產生的廢物大幅減少四成, 在亞洲四小龍之中, 成為最少廢物之首, 成績遠超台北、日本, 甚至歐洲發達國。 減廢成績如此標青,箇中原因是什麼?! 香港地球之友成員, 於2011年5月, 親身遠赴南韓首都—首爾, 冒著雞同鴨講、kimchi辣不停之下, 終於找出答案,...

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