Foxcreek Games

  • KANG




    The classic arcade game KANG now available for FREE on your tablet or phone. Fast paced, addicting fun. Consume smaller enemies or pellets to grow bigger, shoot larger enemies to split them up or eliminate them, collect the most gold coins, score the most points, survive the longest! Steer with...





    PIMENTEL DICE... A simple yet challenging and addicting dice game. You compete against a skilled robot opponent. Object of the game is to roll a pair of dice, adding the totals as you go along. If at any time while rolling the dice, the total equals the total of your first rolled dice, then you...

  • Euchre (FREE)




    Euchre (FREE w/Ads) [Optimized for Tablets, but also supports smaller screens] The classic card game of Euchre for one player. You and your robot partner play against two robot partners. Fun for all skill levels. Adjustable robot skill level to change play style of robot opponents. Track...

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