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  • Baby Dolly Doctor Playset Free


    It's time to become the baby doctor! In this game you can choose from 4 cute little babies who are waiting for your attention and care to help them get better! ~ Featuring amazing realistic tools such as toothbrush, tissues, medicine and even diaper changing! ~ Listen to baby's...

  • Celebrity Foot Fashion Spa


    Welcome to the Celebrity Foot Fashion Spa & Salon, where the celebrities of Hollywood enjoy their Feet pedicure treatments! This fantastic game allows you to Wash, Style & Share your creations! Choose from 3 Different Feet! Soap, Rinse & Dry! Trim nails using Nail Clippers! Footwear...

  • Turtle Hero Run City 3D Free




    The race is on, choose your turtle and get running! Turtle Hero Runner brings the excitement of classic runner games, then adds 3D gameplay and awesome power-ups to transform your gaming experience! Choose from 4 Different Turtle characters - each have their own unique ability. Simple Game-play...

  • Pet Shave Grooming Shop Free


    All 6 characters are included! This game is FREE to play! There are no in-app purchases! Welcome to the Pet Shave Grooming Salon! We have 6 super cute pets who need grooming! In fact, who knew that a Dog, a Cat, a Donkey, a Tiger, Koala and a Wolf could all have such hairy beards? Well, it...

  • Space Galaxy League Air Hockey


    Space Hockey just got better! With Space Galaxy League Air Hockey for your Android! 3 Fast, Frantic Game Modes - something for everyone from beginners to experts! Intelligent AI - this game is NOT easy! It has all the frustration of the real arcade machine experience! This is a simple pick up...

  • Pirate King Slots Jackpot Free




    Ahoy there mateys! Are you ready to play Pirate Slots? With so much treasure available you best use your finest slot experience to win this game! This is the Mega Jackpot Bonus Edition! Featuring; > Gorgeous Pirate themed graphics! > Autospin to increase chances of winning! > Easy to...

  • Mountain 777 Mega Bonus Slots


    Mountain Hunter Slots comes to your device in the the most fun slots game yet! Take your excitement to the next level with this easy to play, yet hard to master, casino adventure! Featuring unique themed Mountain Hunter images, combining all the fun of the best slots games. Slot game also...

  • Wizard Of Wonderland Slots




    Take a trip to the land of the wizards, fortune awaits to those casino slot machine masters, but fear not, if you are a beginner to slots games, this is just as fun as it is to a slot wizard themselves! A whole host of characters feature in this game, spin for bonuses, extra payouts and a...

  • Big Win Casino Bingo Jackpot




    Bingo comes to your device with the top selling top Bingo game 'Pharaoh's Big Win Casino Bingo' Enter the world of Bingo in style, with beginner, easy, medium & hard game modes! 5 Different & Unique Game Styles; Standard Four Corner Diagonal Blackout Postage Stamp Simple,...

  • Zombie Face Maker Camera Free




    The ultimate scary booth app has arrived! Turn yourself into a Zombie simply using your camera! Go from Chic to Freak in seconds! Over 50 Masks included* in this app you can turn yourself into a Zombie with ease! How do I use it? Well, it's so simple to use, take a picture or choose from...

  • Amazing FX Booth X-Ray Vision




    Create your own imitation X-Ray Filter Photographs, Night Vision Filter, Thermal Infra-Red and See-Through Vision Filter Simulated FX using your Android device! Use X-Ray FX or why not try Infra-Red FX or even Night Vision mode to use on a new photograph or even use a photograph from your...

  • Face Changer Fun FX Booth Free




    The number 1 iOS app FaceChanger Free is one of the funniest and most entertaining ways to edit your photographs and it has now arrived for your Android device! With 8 Different effects built in to the app! Along with the option of sharing straight to Facebook, Twitter, Save to Device &...

  • ZombieFaced Free Zombie Booth




    *** The Number 1 Zombie Booth App Finally Comes To Android! *** Welcome to ZombieFaced - The app that lets you transform your face into a choice of up to 52* different scary Zombie Faces! It really is the ultimate Zombie Booth App ideal not just for Halloween but it is scary all year round!...

  • Night Vision Photo Image FX




    Put your night vision goggles aside, the Night Vision Photo FX app has arrived! This app simulates the effect by using a sophisticated picture filter, which provides a green FX similar to that of Night Vision. This allows you to create amazing images, to save, share or simply admire! - Take...

  • X-Ray Scanner FX Photo Booth




    The ultimate X-Ray Simulation Photo FX Filter Booth has arrived for your device! X-Ray Vision Photo FX Scanner is not a REAL X-Ray scanner, however it simulates the filter style of FX that is used, so you can create awesome images! Get creative with your pictures by using this for unique...

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