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  • Superhero Dentist Adventure




    Even Superheroes need to keep their teeth clean, and in this fun game that is your objective! Choose from 4 awesome superheroes who are having a 'bad teeth day' and send them home with a set of pearly white gnashers! Alternatively, why not paint their teeth with different colors, or...

  • Pet Vet Free Animal Dentist




    Join Felix, Chester, William & Rex as they visit the dentist in this fun game to suit all ages! Use a variety of tools such as the dentist drill, and tooth remover to send these pets back home with a sparkling smile! Change tooth shape! Change tooth colors! Add tooth stamps! & Much...

  • Celebrity Dentist Salon Free


    Welcome to the Celebrity Dentist - For fans of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna & Lady Gaga. In this game, these 4 Celebrities visit the dentist... And you are tasked with making their teeth look as shiny and beautiful as always! These celebrities are beautiful and glamorous, living a...

  • Monster Dentist Free Kids Game


    Ouch, these monsters need your dentist skills! They have come to the Monster Dentist Surgery for you to fix their teeth! Choose from 4 monsters, Frankenstein, Glove Man, Mask Man and Dracula, all of them have terrible teeth and need you to get them back to being nice and shiny! Use realistic...

  • Cupcake Make & Bake Game Free


    Welcome to Cupcake Make & Bake! The amazing cooking game that lets you bake Cupcakes using realistic baking stages to cook like a real cake chef! Cupcake Make & Bake takes you on a culinary journey of pure sweet indulgence, from candy to cola, from cherries to watermelon, the flavor...

  • Ghost Finder & Detector Radar




    Welcome to Ghost Finder - The Paranormal Discovery App for Android. Using sophisticated algorithms Ghost Finder searches around you to detect any paranormal activity that may be occurring, watch as the radar scans and detects words or phrases that may come from another world. Tweak settings to...

  • Goatify Goat Sound Music Maker




    Music...And Goats... Does it sound like a strange combination? Maybe... Does it sound like a lot of fun? Definitely! Behold...Goatify! The application that lets you add Goat sounds to music from your own device! Think of it like a Goat DJ type of situation, there you are in the middle of a farm,...

  • My Pet Kitty Cat Makeover Spa


    Meow! 4 Gorgeous kitties need your attention! They are beautiful as they always are, but they have come to visit the Kitty Care Wash Salon for a makeover to keep them looking as furry, cute and wonderful as always! Featuring; 4 Cute Kitties to choose from! Realistic Washing Stages; Bath -...

  • iRemix Portable Music DJ Mixer




    iRemix - The ultimate app for your Phone or Tablet! iRemix lets you select any song from your music library on your device and change the Tempo, Pitch, Speed of your favorite music tracks! It has some fantastic features such as; Tempo - Adjust the speed of your music! Pitch - Adjust the pitch...

  • Zombie Nose Doctor Game Free


    Ouch! These 4 zombies have pains in their noses! Are they blocked with germs and boogers? Find out in Zombie Nose Doctor! You can fix it all! Use realistic tools to clean the zombie noses and make them breath easier again! Sure to provide a gross yet fun adventure, It's time to take care of...

  • Brace Yourself - Brace Booth




    The top brace app on iPhone now comes to Android! Brace yourself is a way to see yourself with Braces on using your Android Phone! Featuring up to 72 different sets of Braces to try why not see how fun this app can be! Need more than one set of Braces? No problem! Great for photographs with...

  • Celebrity Shave Salon Spa Free


    The Celebrity shave salon is officially OPEN for business! Come in and choose your celebrity to shave, we have everything from pop stars to movie stars, and they all require a shave! Keep stubble, create a design of your own, the choice is yours, you can use realistic shaving tools such as foam,...

  • Pet Shave Grooming Shop Free


    All 6 characters are included! This game is FREE to play! There are no in-app purchases! Welcome to the Pet Shave Grooming Salon! We have 6 super cute pets who need grooming! In fact, who knew that a Dog, a Cat, a Donkey, a Tiger, Koala and a Wolf could all have such hairy beards? Well, it...

  • Turtle Hero Run City 3D Free




    The race is on, choose your turtle and get running! Turtle Hero Runner brings the excitement of classic runner games, then adds 3D gameplay and awesome power-ups to transform your gaming experience! Choose from 4 Different Turtle characters - each have their own unique ability. Simple Game-play...

  • Superhero Shaving Adventure




    Did you know even Superheroes need to keep themselves looking presentable? Well that includes shaving which is exactly the objective of this game! Choose from 6 amazing superheroes; The Dark Warrior The Pirate King The Man Of Power The Power Man The Mighty Hero The Night Hero All of them have...

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