Francesco Pellone

  • My APKs Pro backup manage apps




    My APKs Pro WORKS WITH KITKAT/LOLLIPOP+MICROSD AND DOES NOT REQUIRE ROOTED PHONE/TABLET Before buying please try the free version on your device and ensure it fully works: (apk = Android application) My APKs Pro will make a...

  • My APKs Install restore apps




    My APKs Install is the perfect companion for My APKs and My APKs Pro as it will help you to restore your apps easily on all your devices. You could use your apk backupped with My APKs or My APKs Pro and do a normal or root restore without an internet connection to avoid appstore long search and...

  • Hash And Compare CRC MD5 SHA-1




    A digital hash (or checksum) is like a signature, a fingerprint. Hash And Compare has two main usages. The first is to calculate the hash checksum of a file with a specific algorithm. A typical use case is when you want to check the integrity of a file downloaded from a remote server (that...

  • My Volume audio manager




    My Volume is an audio manager that gives you total control on volume levels and normal/vibrate/silent mode of your Android device. You can easily adjust a specific volume by dragging its slider or you can choose a volume profile changing all levels with a single click (three user profiles are...

  • 7.0

    My APKs backup share apps




    My APKs allows you to backup you installed apps by saving its .apk file

  • My Launcher run your apps




    My Launcher is a very simple menu launcher that does one thing: to launch other apps. Of course you can choose among apps installed on your device which one you want to appear in My Launcher menu. The intended usage is collecting those apps you very often run and launching them from a unique...

  • My Battery info discharge




    My Battery does three simple things: it shows battery information, displays a notification status with battery level and acts as a fast discharger. Last feature is accomplished by turning on screen, wifi, bluetooth, vibration and flashlight (if present) of your device and you can choose which...

  • frankygoes




    frankygoes... android !!! This app is for frankygoes fans who like android too. Contents are rich and various: * Music: you can stream frankygoes albums directly from this app * Photo: frankygoes shots and web gallery * Video: frankygoes on youtube * Blog: live feed on frankygoes news and...

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