Francis Zorrilla

  • Police Sirens with Lights




    This application can be used in emergency situations or alert, such as traveling on highways with low visibility, changing a tire at night, while riding a bicycle. Features: A. Fullscreen lights B. 5 different lights C. Emergency siren alarm sound We hope that this application is very useful...

  • Walk The Black Path




    Welcome to "Walk The Black Path" The Impossible Game. Help the Dwarf King cross the magical black tiles. The only rule: DON’T TAP THE WHITE TILES AND TAP THE BLACK ONES. Enjoy It!

  • Stun Gun Electroshock Weapon




    The "Stun Gun Electroshock Weapon" is a compact electric stun gun pistol with very loud sound. This weapon simulator with LED lighting was developed to have lots of fun while you are pretending to play self defense. Drive your friends crazy with this high voltage electroshock stun gun...

  • Lie Detector: True Scanner




    The Lie Detector Polygraph Plus is a game of ‘tell me a story’ and ‘I'll tell you if it’s true or false (a lie or the truth) This is an application that can detect lies through the touch screen and by detecting the following physical changes in the body of the person being interrogated: *...

  • Shut Up Button Free




    The best and original Shut Up Button on Android! Use your finger and your device to tell everybody Shut Up! Are you tired of actually having to tell people to "Shut Up" using your mouth? Tell them what you REALLY think with the Shut Up button! FEATURES: ★ Interrupt boring people...

  • Bleep Button Free




    The best app for beep as see on TV! We know that sometimes you wanted to bleep yourself or someone with a dirty mouth. Remember don't panic, hold this bleep button as long as you want! FEATURES: ★ Wake people up ★ Bleep your self when you are out of control! ★ Interrupt boring people ★...

  • Crazy Shave: Cut My Hair




    Electric Shaver Pro is the best free hair cutting game. This funny app lets you make fun of your friends by simulating a virtual razor on your phone. This hair trimmer machine works like it is your personal assistant shaver on your phone. This hair clipper machine has a shocking razor buzz...

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