Franklin van Velthuizen

  • ReTweet (Twitter helper app)

    ReTweet (Twitter helper app)




    Do you dislike the native style of retweeting in the official Twitter app for Android? With ReTweet, you can easily RT the old way. Just share a tweet with ReTweet from within the official app and it will send the RT back to the app in the way we all like it. Please report problems by email!...

  • Image Loader

    Image Loader




    Image Loader enables you to view an image that someone posted using well-known image hosts, without the need to open the full webpage. Just click on the link (e.g. in your favorite Twitter app) and choose to open the link with Image Loader. That's all! Support for: * Twitpic * Yfrog *...

  • Easy Count

    Easy Count




    A very basic and simple counter. Just tap the counter to increase it by 1, and long tap the counter to reset it back to 0. Meant to be a test project but can be useful to some.

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