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  • Tether Bluetooth Transfer


    This app monitors the phone USB port. You can enable the embedded Android USB Tethering without many clicks. It's very simple to use. Key features: - You'll be able to connect to the internet via USB with a single click. No advanced skills required whatsoever. - To disconnect, simply...

  • Alarm Clocks Profiles


    It is simple version of Alarm Clocks Profiles. If you want to have alarm clock with more flexibility and with alarm modes you need to install this app onto your Android devices for free. You will wake up easily due to sounds of nature and slowly rising sound volume. Features - Support 12/24...

  • Call SMS Hacking Prank




    Here are two fake applications for fun! Come here to download to get fake call and SMS, fake hacker for your Android devices. Share with your friends if you like it. CALL SMS PRANK: You can send or receive a fake call. CALL SMS PRANK is completely free and will not charge you any fees. On the...

  • Fake Call SMS Phone Hacker




    Come here to try fake call and fake hacker for free. It will bring us a lot of fun. Just make jokes for free with Android mobiles and tablets. Fake Call SMS: Fake Caller ID and Fake Message Free in Android Market! You can make a fake call to yourself, or can make a fake call to other person....

  • Fake Fingerprint IQ Test




    Know your IQ in seconds. Get to know your intelligence quotient in seconds by fingerprint scan. This application is developed for fun purposes only. Enjoy yourself. So please keep in mind before rating this application. INTRODUCTIONS: Who is smarter, you or your friend? Do you have a future in...

  • Alarm Clock Timer Plus


    This digital alarm clock plus timer app integrates with our new timer app to solve all your timing needs. Do you have problems turning off your alarm only to fall back to sleep? Wake up gently with Alarm Clock Timer Plus. This smart alarm clock and timer includes features that prevent excessive...

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