Freedom Recyle

  • Toilet Paper




    Feel bored when you are sitting in the toilet? Seems to be exploded when there is too much work to do? Here is a simple yet fun game to help you out. It will give you a little hand exercise by dragging off a roll of toilet paper. Slide your finger and stroke from top to bottom to unroll the...

  • Mummy Unblock




    Tired of sliding blocks puzzles with the old and dull design? Then this is for you. Here comes the Egypt style. The goal of the game is to move the jewelry out of the coffin chamber by moving the mummy out of the way. 3000 levels are totaly FREE! The most valuable addictive puzzle game in...

  • Scare Prank




    User review: --- I was scared almost wet my pants and threw my phone I still have the shivers I dont want to do this ever again It looks like a game, while actually it’s a scary prank app. It turns your phone into a scary prank machine. When you are focused on the screen and click to win the...

  • Scare Your Friends In 30s




    Want to have fun with your friends? What about scare tricks? Here comes the most cute scare app “devil scare in 30s” It is specially designed for those who love to play tricks! It turns your phone into a scary trick machine. When your friends are playing with your phone, it lets out a scary...

  • Doodle Fish




    Doodle Fish Swim with Doodle Fish to explore the magic ocean world!! Please help the cute fish to avoid the dangerous enemy and obstacles in the ocean. Eat stars to gain more score and life protect. Easy game control and abundant sea elements make you time full with fun. If you like games like...

  • 5.0

    Unblock Car Free




    Get the red car out in the fewest possible moves

  • 5.0

    Parking Car




    Get the red car out in the fewest possible moves

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