• Daily Poems in Spanish

    Daily Poems in Spanish




    Have fun and be inspired by the sweetest love poems in Spanish, get daily updates and shared with your loved ones via SMS, Facebook, Twitter and more. Get the best original love poems so you can share your feelings, because there are many ways to express what you feel. Follow us on:...

  • A Frase Ideal

    A Frase Ideal




    Que melhor conhecimento que aquele da sabedoria popular? Encontre aqui frases, ditos e pensamentos perfeitos para o momento perfeito! Esta coleção de frases é ideal para que vosse possa aprender do folclore e do conhecimento popular. Aproveite!

  • Pensamento do dia

    Pensamento do dia




    With hundreds of phrases in Portuguese, Thought for the Day is the perfect trigger for reflection. Make the healthy habit of taking a short break and let your mind unwind in freedom. Celebrity quotes, and thoughts of the day to carefully chosen to provoke reflection day.

  • Frenys





    With Frenys, collect what you love. Explore thousands of collections about words for inspiration and motivation, super funny jokes, games to challenge your wits, beautiful images and pictures, Bible verses, dating advice and all the stuff you like. Share your favorite posts with friends and, if...

  • Las Promesas de Dios

    Las Promesas de Dios




    God has plans for our lives and promises is up to us believe Him and His promises to cause effects on our lives! Receive new promises every day and share them with friends and family via SMS, Facebook, Twitter and more. Dios tiene planes y promesas para nuestras vidas, de nosotros depende...

  • Beautiful Quotes (Portuguese)

    Beautiful Quotes (Portuguese)




    Beautiful Portuguese phrases accompanied by very nice photos. Enjoy

  • Truth or Challenge (Spanish)

    Truth or Challenge (Spanish)




    How far will you go ?

  • Daily Verse in Portuguese

    Daily Verse in Portuguese




    "Fear not, for I am with thee: be not dismayed, for I am thy God: I will strengthen you and help you, and uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness." Strengthen your faith! Start your day receiving beautiful images and verses in portuguese that speak of love, peace,...

  • Book Quotes in Portuguese

    Book Quotes in Portuguese




    The best Book Quotes in Portuguese along with their authors

  • Frases y Poemas de Amor

    Frases y Poemas de Amor




    Descubre las mejores frases y poemas de amor para poder expresar cuanto quieres a esa persona especial. Frases y poemas para compartir con tus amigos por Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email y más. ♥Recibe actualizaciones periódicas para poder seguir sorprendiendo a tus seres queridos.♥ ♥Que los...

  • Palabras de Amor

    Palabras de Amor




    Si te han partido el corazón, tienes dudas de tu amor o simplemente estás enamorado o enamorada estás frases te van a ayudar. Las experiencias de otros que pasaron por lo que tú pasas ahora te pueden servir de consejos o inspirar. MUY SENCILLA DE USAR Y MUCHAS OPCIONES PARA COMPARTIR! La...

  • Sad Love Quotes

    Sad Love Quotes




    Sad Love Quotes For One Sided Love is the app that will help you deal with a broken heart. Quotes, thoughts, sayings and feelings on heartache so that you can feel better and better everyday! Share your Sad Love Quotes with us ♥

  • El Psicólogo

    El Psicólogo




    El Psicólogo te ayudará a ver que es lo importante en la vida y a reconsiderar tus prioridades. Lee esta colección de máximas para vivir mejor y llenarte de pensamientos positivos. Y recuerda: a veces es necesario que alguien que te guíe y te de un buen consejo. Si estás angustiado o últimamente...

  • Chistes de Jaimito

    Chistes de Jaimito




    Funny Jokes in Spanish

  • Frases de Amistad

    Frases de Amistad




    Hundreds of quotes in spanish with beautiful photos, Frases de Amistad invites you to reflect on the various aspects of friendship. Arm yourself with the healthy habit to take a short break and let your mind run free. Quotes from reputable people and everyday thoughts have been carefully chosen...

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