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Nun Attack: Run & Gun

Over 5 MILLION players and counting! 8/10 - GeekyGinger - "The game is very good, and it deserves to be played" 8/10 - Unleash the Fanboy - "You’ll always find yourself wanting just one more run" 9/10 - AndroidRundown - "A great follow up to the original" The Fallen Nun has been defeated, but Evil never truly rests.…

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Nun Attack

One of the Best Games of 2012 for Android! - IGN: "Catholicism has never been so hardcore." - Kotaku: "Bless me, Father, For I Freakin' Love Nun Attack" - Gamezebo: "Nun Attack is an eye-opener from the moment you cast your gaze upon the icon" As many of you have requested: we’ve removed the ads but kept the of…

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A Space Shooter For Free

***Now optimized for Xperia PLAY devices!*** --- With more than 800,000 downloads across all platforms, A Space Shooter for Free continues to deliver endless fun and alien annihilation to its fans! To celebrate the near-million-player mark, Commander P. Jefferson has decided to award you, for a limited time only, ONE MILLION remnants! Use this…

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Download Nun Attack Origins: Yuki Nun Attack Origins: Yuki icon
Nun Attack Origins: Yuki

An ancient portal has opened, releasing a force that razed the village and spirited the orphans away. It’s up to Yuki, Sister of Silence, mistress of stealth and Nun-jutsu, to eradicate this unrelenting evil. In this epic quest to save the missing orphans and avenge the village, peek into Yuki’s past as she uses her deadly ninja war fans to kick so…

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Download Lightbringers: Saviors of Raia Lightbringers: Saviors of Raia icon
Lightbringers: Saviors of Raia

WINNER of the 2014 NUMIX Awards for Web Browser Game Production Lightbringers: Saviors of Raia is an award winning cross-platform, drop-in/drop-out, real-time multiplayer co-op, hack 'n slash game in which you face hundreds of enemies on screen, battle alongside your friends and become Legends of the Light! - Battle against hundreds of enemi…

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Splash Pop

The most delicious race in the universe has recently been discovered and they’re in for one hell of a surprise: they are about to get exterminated for their sweet and juicy insides! Funny and absurd, Splash Pop takes to you to a quirky galaxy where you and your finger are in charge of splashing and juicing as many cute and innocent creatures as yo…

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Download A Space Shooter Blitz A Space Shooter Blitz icon
A Space Shooter Blitz

The now-infamous “A Space Shooter” franchise, with more than ONE MILLION downloads across all platforms, has landed on the App Store with a new concept and massive crossplatform interactivity! Challenge your friends to a hectic, retro-style shoot ‘em up bulletfest with Commander P. Jefferson at the helm of the ever so powerful USS Eradicator. Col…

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Trainers of Kala

Fearless trainers duel in real-time multiplayer battles, using cards to summon powerful creatures and cast spells against each other until one prevails! Collect and upgrade dozens of cards to build the most powerful battle deck, then select your favorite trainer and step into the Tournament of Kala! Defeat all opponents to rise to the top and beco…

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Download CosmoCamp: Coloring Book CosmoCamp: Coloring Book icon
CosmoCamp: Coloring Book

With over 40 pages of whimsical pictures that recollect Migo and Pandy’s stories and encounters in their CosmoCamper, let your child discover en extensive palette of colors, sparkles and special paint brushes, as well as the magical soap bubbles that can clean any mess! In a successful combination of simplicity and entertainment, the intuitive inte…

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Where’s Monsieur Pug?

Monsieur Pug wanders the streets furtively. On the run, he hides in both city and countryside, looking for the best hiding place! As a new agent in a mysterious organization, your task is to use your smartphone to track Monsieur Pug’s every move. Hire pugs – your own double agents – and place them in strategic locations. Is your target hiding near…

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Download CosmoCamp: Matching Games CosmoCamp: Matching Games icon
CosmoCamp: Matching Games

With over 90 cards encompassing 3 themes, your child will train his memory while having fun and learning things like letters, numbers, colors and shapes. Thanks to the game’s simple, fun and intuitive interface, your child will quickly master the app and enjoy hours upon hours of autonomous play while developing acute memory acquisition! CosmoCamp…

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Download CosmoCamp: Dress Up Game CosmoCamp: Dress Up Game icon
CosmoCamp: Dress Up Game

Stimulate your child’s creativity with the CosmoCamp: Migo and Pandy’s Dress Up Game app! Migo and Pandy’s wardrobe is wide open and all their costumes are at your child’s disposal! Our two bears need help to create clothes, choose the right outfits and take pretty pictures. They have quite the selection with more than 150 customization options an…

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