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Lovely Pets

One of the best pet games on mobile devices is available from creators of Birdland and Fish Adventure. Feed, fondle and take care of cute puppies, kitties, rabbits and pandas. Decorate their rooms and design gardens for them. Breed and get new types and colors in breeding lab. Add pet lover friends, visit their rooms and gardens, leave gifts, help…

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Pony Land

Discover magic world of Ponies. Take care of your cute pet ponies - feed them, play with them. Decorate corrals and create fun environment for your little ones. Mate different pony species and get new breeds. Breed Zebra, Unicorn and Rainbow Ponies. Dress up your ponies with rich collection of hats, scarfs, shoes and cool glasses. Racing Track: R…

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Download Creatures of Olympus Creatures of Olympus icon
Creatures of Olympus

Game will help you imagine yourself in mythical ancient Greece. Build your own Olympic town, explore Greek mythology, feel the sprit and power of the Twelve Olympian Gods. FEATURES ● Build and raise mythic habitats, temples. ● Grow legendary creatures and breed new hybrids with cross-type breeding. ● Harvest food in farms and feed your creature…

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Fish vs Pirates

"Fish vs Pirates is one of the best and most addictive free games we've played on Android of late...." - PC ADVISOR Fish vs Pirates is challenging defense game from creators of Birdland and Fish Adventure. Your goal is to protect mermaid from pirates. Place different types of fishes to fight against sneaky pirates. Use oysters to p…

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Dino Land

One of the cutest dino pet games out there. Get back to ancient times when dinosaurs were ruling on our planet. Buy and breed different dinos including Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaur. Take care of their environment to be sure that they have enough food. Find out new mixes by breeding existing types. Use Cross-Breed lab to get Spiky Bra…

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Download Monster Land Monster Land icon
Monster Land

You can build your own imaginary Monster Land. Build monster habitats, raise cute and funny monsters. Breed and get new weird combinations with cross-type breeding. Grow special monster food in farms and feed your monsters. Decorate your Monster Land with great decoration items. Visit and help your friends' with their lands. Optimize your econo…

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Download Age of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt Age of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt icon
Age of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt

One of the best Egyptian games. Appear in Ancient Egypt, where pyramids were built, people believed in epic and powerful Gods and everything was surrounded with gold and luxury. FEATURES ● Raise your own version of Ancient Egypt. ● Send ships along the Nile river to get stones from carriers and build Temples and habitats. ● Summon your own Egyptia…

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Download Vikings Battle: Strategy Game Vikings Battle: Strategy Game icon
Vikings Battle: Strategy Game

Battle of Vikings is a multiplayer strategy game. Your goal is to build strong Viking Village in the North. Build your own army, train Vikings, Berserkers, Air Bombers and even Dragons. Clash with many other players all over the world. Win and grab recourses by cracking their defenses. Use resources to control and optimize the economy of your land…

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Download The Bobots - Robot Game The Bobots - Robot Game icon
The Bobots - Robot Game

Meet Bobots - living in magic world of Boboland. Bobots are special robot pets, who love to have a fun, dance and talk to others. The Bobots is pet caring game, where you should take care of your robots, fondle them, feed them. You can breed new hybrid bobot types with cross-breeding. There are also special bobot types who are feeding and enter…

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Rainbow Defender

Evil slime monsters attack rainbow after the rain. Brave unicorn hurries to help and to save the rainbow. Your goal in this fun color shooter game is to defend rainbow. Game play is really simple. Just pick corresponding color and shoot at the monster. Every correct shoot will give you bonus power. Shoot shoot shoot....

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