• Gold Radar Scanner Prank




    Discover gold objects in your surroundings with Gold Radar Scanner. Use your mobile phone to detect gold objects nearby. Turn your cell phone into real gold detector device and impress everybody. Gold Radar Scanner is using magnetic sensor and other sensors of your android phone and attempts to...

  • Finger Scan




    You must have a Finger Scanner on your Phone !!!. Scan your thumb… discover your fortune secrets!!! Finally most advanced fingerprint scanner for your Android phone! Put your finger on scanning interface and scanner will read your heart beats! Based on heart beats you will receive unique...

  • Palm Scanner Prank




    FORETELL THE FUTURE with your ANDROID PHONE!!! Take photo of your hand to see the future! This application uses camera device to take photo of your hand and to predict the future based on your palm. Impress and entertain your friends with this cool application by predicting the future. Find out...

  • Sound Effects FREE




    Most interesting and cool sound effects and ringtones for your phone. Best Sound Effects for Free. Set them as Ringtone , Notification or Alarm. PRESS and HOLD on Sound for features!

  • Fingerprint Red




    Tap anywhere on screen to see amazing fingerprint effects!!!! This app allows you to tap anywhere on screen leaving behind most realistic bloody fingerprint effect. The effect looks so real that you can give phone to your friends and wait for their reactions! They will be surprised to see their...

  • Scary Ringtones




    The Most Amazing Scary Ringtones for your android Phone!! *Press and long hold on tone for features! Features : *Includes 40 scary ringtones *Press and long hold to select. *Easy to use UI *Set as ringtone, notification, alarm. Enjoy these scary and horror sounds!

  • Shoot My Phone!




    Shoot your Android screen until your fingers bleed !!! Incredible funny and relaxing! Release the pressure! Shoot My Phone is the one and only phone screen shooting app on market. There are 3 different types of gun to shoot your way through your Android OS. Experience Revolver , Shotgun and...

  • Pocket Doorbell




    Pocket doorbell is probably best doorbell app on Android Market today! Use Pocket Doorbell app to prank your friends with realistic doorbell sound! You can use it in any situation or when you just need doorbell sound to make some noise! Fun guaranteed!

  • Car Horn FREE!




    You must have Car Horn on your android phone!!! Produce realistic car sound ! Trick your friends with this app. Loudest car siren sound on market! NOTE: To produce Horn Sound Press and HOLD your finger on screen! (like real car horn) Fantastic for annoying people!

  • AroundYou World




    *** The Best app on android for finding nearby objects and places around you! *** AroundYou World uses your current location allowing you to find nearest places around you! It also allows you to browse whole planet and to select custom current search location simple by placing marker on map!! -...

  • Frozen Screen Prank




    Get your phone frozen! Use your finger to melt the screen! Lots of fun! Frozen screen is android frozen screen simulator with very realistic ice effect. Features: - 3 types of frozen screen effect (Use Menu button to change frozen effect) - Melt the ice with your finger (ice melting effect) -...

  • Crack My Phone




    Crack My Phone is app with most realistic cracked screen effects on Google play today!!! Impressive cracked and broken phone effects!. You won't find this realistic effects anywhere else. Multiple broken phone effects. Launch the app and give to phone to your friends. When they tap the phone...

  • Touch Fortune Cookie




    Use your Android Phone DAILY to GET BEST FORTUNE COOKIE Scan Readings! Hold phone TIGHT in YOUR HAND WHILE SCANNING your heart pulse and get the BEST Fortune Cookie Sayings! This is probably best fortune cookie app in market. - Biggest collection of fortune cookies - Choose between gold , silver...

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