• Bitcoin Push Ticker 3.0




    Bitcoin Push Ticker lets you set alerts and get notified through push notifications once your favourite Bitcoin index reaches a certain level. It uses GCM (Google Cloud Messaging), which ensures you are notified within few seconds without your device doing any polling. A server handles all alerts...

  • South Beach Foods Free




    Which foods in which phases? Quick and easy lookup among hundreds of food types. Tells you which foods are allowed in the different phases of the South Beach Diet. Smart search shows you a filtered list as soon as you start typing. Can I eat carrots in phase 1? Can I drink milk in phase 2?...

  • RomoBrains (Invite only)




    This is the companion app for the site. It allows you to program for your own Romo robot, and to access sensors in the Android phone. We're still in beta, but if you want to participate you can apply by sending us an email on RomoBrains is an online...

  • ImageStream (beta)




    View images from any URL or website. Add your own URLs, and view all the images on the web site as a stream. Add the site containing images in a category you like, whether it's nature, cars, celebrities, cute animals or pretty girls :) Rate the streams you like (or dislike). View recent...

  • Liar's Dice Live




    Welcome to Liars Dice Live, an online multiplayer version of the dice game recently made popular through the XBox game Red Dead Redemption by Rockstar Games. The game also goes under the names Deception Dice, Dudo, Cachito, Mexican, Bluff and Perudo. Play with your friends or challenge strangers,...

  • pakkespor - Sporing hos Posten




    v1.1.0 Bananas-bug fiksa! Slutt på uriktige notifications. Applikasjonen lar deg enkelt spore dine Posten-forsendelser løpende, du varsles hver gang status endres. En notifikasjon vises i statuslinjen på din telefon. Viser strekkode for scanning. Lar deg spore mange pakker samtidig. Aldri mer...

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