Frozen Logic Studios

  • Robot DIR




    Little robot DIR had been on standby for years when a loving family of hedgehogs adopted him, but now his family has been captured and he needs your help to rescue them! Robot DIR is an original, innovative game that is child friendly and has a lot of exciting features that include: - 60 levels...

  • Soccer Kick Ups




    Do you like soccer? What about a little friendly competition? Soccer Kick Ups is a brand new fun game that combines both! The game lets you compete for your own country along with your friends and compares scores with players worldwide in real time! Think you’ve got what it takes to be the best...

  • Amazing Maze 3D




    The Amazing Maze 3D is an exciting, tilt-based pinball-like labyrinth with unique challenges at every level! This is the perfect app to keep you entertained for hours, relax or give yourself a much needed mental break to help you focus! The game is also kid-friendly and a great way to help...

  • Soccer Penalty Kicks




    How would you like to compete against your friends on the most exciting soccer play there is? With Soccer Penalty Kicks, you get to face the goal keeper one-on-one and do your best to score! You can play against any people around the world or your friends and you can also check out your player...

  • Soccer Free Kicks




    Show your friends and all people you are the best free kick taker in the world! Experience realistic ball physics, providing you the best experience you have ever had on a soccer game. Play in 4 different fun game modes: - Beat The Wall You have 5 chances to score as higher as you can! - Beat...

  • Swamp Adventure




    Survive as long as you can in the most dangerous swamp of the world! Don't be hit by the birds, eat as much fireflies as you can! "An Addictive Action Game Anybody Can't Put Down Once Begin -" # Amazing 3 different game modes: ★ Take a break and relax on *Baby...

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