• Clock Calendar Widget +




    This is a widget (not an app, you don't will find it on your application) to show the date, your next appointments, weather info and shortcuts to your preferred and frequently used applications. The weather info are based on your position and the provider is openWeatherMap. Hight...

  • Material Design Color Palette




    Choose primary color, accent color and see how should appear an app designed with material design using that colors.

  • PasswordSafe Pro




    With this application you can save all your passwords in one place protecting them with only one password (your unlock sequence). You can create groups of passwords and export/import password to XML or CSV file (you can also encrypt data) Version 3.0 Changed look and feel with material Design...

  • My Places




    Launching this application your current position will be determinated (either via GPS or via network info) and you can save it (for later use) or share with your friends. Each time you share a location will be sent a link to google Maps with the location coordinate so, who will receive the...

  • System DUMP




    More information about your android system. You can see, export to a file and send by email all information. The information are: - System ENV properties + Memory info - Version Properties - DateTime - Build Properties - Android ID - SIM Data - Telephony Data - Secure Data - System Status -...

  • zNews - ASRoma




    Applicazione per essere automaticamente informati sulle ultime notizie della tua squadra del cuore L'applicazione controlla i maggiori siti di informazione sportiva e (eventualmente) vi notifica nel caso in cui ci fossero nuove notizie Il tutto ... al prezzo di un caffè

  • Trova Cinema




    Trova Cinema è un programma che consente di consultare la programmazione di film nelle sale cinematografiche della tua città. Selezionata una città e scaricandone la programmazione, si può scegliere il film, leggerne una descrizione, vedere in quale sale è in programmazione e in quali orari....

  • Share My Position




    Very simple program that get your position (using GPS) and allow you to share with someone (using mail, twitter, SMS or what you have installed on your device). The message shared is a link to googleMap with your coordinate. No internet connection is required to get your position. This use ONLY...

  • Analogic Clock Widget Pack 2x2




    A funny collection of analogic clock to be used as widget for home screen. The clock size is 2x2 1.1 - Added support to QVGA device

  • Analogic clock widget pack 3x4




    A funny collection of analogic clock to be used as widget for home screen. The clock size is 3x4 1.1 - Added support to QVGA device

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