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Zombie World War

Nobody thought it would come to this. What started with a few isolated cases has now become a fight for the survival of the human race. This is Zombie World War. The virus spread like wildfire and those infected became the walking dead. With so much panic, society quickly crumbled and governments soon lost control . Now, survivors such as yourself…

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Zombie Frontier

In 2020, T viruses spread all over the world. A large number of people are infected with viruses T and become zombies. You are one of the survivors. You are involved in the war against the zombies. FEATURES: ★Enjoy shocking music and sound effect! ★Experience the sensation of firing wildly! ★Kill different kinds of zombies! ★New weapons and upgra…

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Download Zombie Assault:Sniper Zombie Assault:Sniper icon
Zombie Assault:Sniper

After release Zombie Frontier I & II, this is our new generation 3D Zombie Killer Game. enjoy yourself Description: A virus unlike anything we've seen before has spread like wildfire around the city. Everyday people going about their business have been transformed into creatures that will kill any living thing they come across. Survivors h…

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Download Zombie Frontier 3 -Shot Target Zombie Frontier 3 -Shot Target icon
Zombie Frontier 3 -Shot Target

The next chapter in the ft Zombie Frontier FPS saga is here! A virus has brought about the zombie apocalypse, the war against zombie targets has broken out and people are in immediate danger of a gory death. As a survivor and zombie terminator, it’s up to you to make the streets your battlefield and shoot your way through numerous challenging level…

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Download Zombie Frontier 2:Survive Zombie Frontier 2:Survive icon
Zombie Frontier 2:Survive

There are those that think the tide is turning in the war with the undead. Since we first entered the Zombie Frontier, many survivors have been rescued. Many more are still out there, banded together and taking on the zombie hordes anyway they can. From around the world, scattered reports come in of groups fighting back. Doctors are working around…

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Zombie Evil

In 2013, the human race was labeled as the biggest threat to continued progress on Earth by Dr. Evil. In the eyes of the Doctor, humans were no longer fit to wear the crown of masters of this world.To him,it is time for the Zombie the next evolutionary step to becoming masters of the Earth. The Doctor has amassed enormous zombie armies and has beg…

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Gun & Blood

Listen up man; it is time to kill all terrorists. You are one of the strike forces to destroy anything blocked on your way. Features: . Weapon store: from desert eagle, UMP, AK-47 to Barrett. Enjoy the power . Weapon upgrades: more than 100 guns accessories. From stock, scope, barrel to others you can image. . Levels and mode: 4 big game scen…

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The most realistic anti-terrorist FPS game on Android !!, In the 21st century,terrorism spreads rapidly around the whole world.As the anti-terrorism materials show that all these terrorist activities are related to a dark forces.They have quite advanced military weapons in this modern war combat: unmanned fighter, new rocket launchers, powerful mac…

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Light Shadow Racing Online

GAMEPLAY: Compete against other racers in drag racing duels. Tap the accelerator to get the best start, shift gears and use nitrous at the right moment and get the winning edge. Leave your opponents in your rear-view! GAME FEATURES: ● Race Modes: Take part in a variety of different race modes that will test your skills. Become a true racing legend…

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Death Racing

Fast paced 3D racing game and easy to get started Unlock most fantastic cars by skillful plays, and challenge the extreme of speed and distance! Enjoy the feeling of speed and power, need for more speed and power by this car racing Complete bounty missions and earn honorable achievements; Enjoy beautiful views along roads, bridges, seashore and…

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