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Download The hammer throw in the car! The hammer throw in the car! icon
The hammer throw in the car!

This game is casual game that you drag a car on your finger and throw it like Hammer throw. It is suitable for killing time, because operation is very easy. Please get No.1 in ranking you can choose many kinds of car on Hummer throw mode! Let's throw a car you like. ■How to play ・Touch a car on your finger, then swipe it on the right and re…

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Download Scooping Goldfish Free Version Scooping Goldfish Free Version icon
Scooping Goldfish Free Version

Goldfish is a famous fair game in Japan. ◆How to play◆ Poi while touching the screen, and bigger or smaller. Releasing the right timing, the goldfish and pop-eyed goldfish catch well please. Will decrease the score and caught a frog. Scoop random items then appear, there are a variety of effects. ◆SpeedrunMode◆ Aiming for as little time as possi…

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Download Shocking!Peekaboo! Shocking!Peekaboo! icon

Hand holding a mobile phone A baby, "Peekaboo, " then let. Several times, "Peekaboo" and are doing, The horrible things that ... ■ How to Play ・Please hand holding a mobile phone  Please your hand within 2cm. ・Release the phone.  Images of the baby switch. ・a few times, "Peekaboo" do.  Scary ghost comes out. •…

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Download Gentleman pogo Gentleman pogo icon
Gentleman pogo

Operate the pogo, pogo from banging on the car running, the game is going to destroy. I get points when you destroy the car. To destroy the car lot, ♪ Aim # 1 ■ Operation • The pogo movement Tilt the device left or right to move in a direction inclined pogo. • Touch falling fast And pogo quickly fall anywhere on the touch screen. ■ Key Points T…

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Download Endless Shoot Endless Shoot icon
Endless Shoot

So as not to hit the goal keeper It is a game that keeps score a goal! · How to Play I will touch on the ball by tilting the device in the direction you want to skip. We will continue to score a goal to not hit the goalkeeper to make a wide variety of movement! ■ BGM Mr. HURT RECORD http://www.hurtrecord.com/

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Download Lifting your fingertips Lifting your fingertips icon
Lifting your fingertips

It is a game to keep lifting the soccer ball with your fingers. The game is over when the ball fell to the ground. I will continue lifting several times, Items I come down. Exposing an item in the ball, various effects can be obtained. For example, you can become the gravitational attraction of the moon, or the ball is increased. I will be more i…

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Download Pullback chicken Pullback chicken icon
Pullback chicken

Let the chicken by operating the pull-back race car! The distance to the cliff will compete with your friends! [How to Play] -How to operate the pull-back car Grab a car with a touch, I moved toward the back. Not proceed when pulled back, and not turn the tire on the ground to set up! I thought that was the mainspring wound up, I will put your fi…

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Download Endless zombie Endless zombie icon
Endless zombie

Comes to town for a lot of zombies. Beat a zombie game by manipulating the sight. The game is over and destroy the barricade. ■ How to Play · Screen drag to move the crosshair. • Tap in the gun. Rifle mode switch to multi-touch. · There is no game over barricades life gauge. ■ Point Strategy Get your Head Shot You may come to a head shot and ite…

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Download DrillMan DrillMan icon

☆★☆★☆★☆★App's Description☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★ Free casual action game 【Drillman】 is now available. The rule is very easy. ☆★☆★☆★☆★How to play ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★ ・There are a lot of useful items. ・You only tap one of the three buttons and move stickman to right or left. ・If stickman takes dropping grounds, game is over. ・Stickman do special attack…

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Download FindWord【Free Puzzle Game】 FindWord【Free Puzzle Game】 icon
FindWord【Free Puzzle Game】

------------------------------------------------------ AppStore Arcade、8 grade !! AppStore Puzzle、9 grade !! ------------------------------------------------------ Free Casual Puzzle Game FindWord is now available. How to play It is suitable for killing time, because App's operation is very easy! You only find a displayed word, and touch…

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