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  • Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame




    Soccer wiz or just a plain dud. Challenge yourself in this stimulating trivia game and advance through the rounds to make it to the finals. Who knows, you could be the winner at the World Cup armchair soccer championships.

  • Toxic Cow

    Toxic Cow




    Daisy the Cow leads a typical bovine lifestyle, soaking in the sun, munching cud and farting. Yes, farting!!. That seemingly innocent cow is actually releasing toxic methane vapours, quietly responsible for an astonishing proportion of global warming gases - 18 per cent of the total, to be...

  • MyDiaLog





    Welcome to the “MyDiaLog” app. MyDiaLog is a market research app that seeks your opinion on current topics and habits. Brought to you by MMR Research, a research company with over 20 years’ experience of partnering with major food, beverage, personal and household care brands and retailers. We...

  • TPV+



    Greetings from Mobile-Measure, a global mobile market research specialist. Thank you for agreeing to participate in this project. Your opinions are really important to us and we hope you enjoy participating in the study. Please use the App as instructed over the course of the study. As per...

  • Raceday





    Tear up the track as you take on the circuit in the ultimate racing challenge. Race the hottest cars with style and daring and compete against opponents to set the best lap times to win.

  • CityUnderSeize



    Terrorists have planted bombs on Trafalgar Square and as a member of London's famed bomb disposal squad, you have been called in by your chief to sweep the area free of bombs. Dispose of the bombs and make the city safe for its citizens!

  • TitansOfTheTrack





    Titans of the Track - Rising from the ashes of the scandal hit Cycling World, 'Titans of the Track' is the new tournament that will resurrect this much loved and highly competitive sport. Take part in a grueling race that will have your fingers pounding and your heart thumping, a race...

  • SuperHeroMagicMaker





    Create your own Superhero couple with millions of combinations of costumes to choose from. The 'people's choice section lets the world vote on your creation and perhaps bestow on your superheroes the responsibility to save the world. For those who like a bit a of magic, just shake your...

  • Shanghai D-Map 2013

    Shanghai D-Map 2013




    Shanghai D-Map offers a great guide to the 100 best-designed hotels, shops, dining places, cafes, bars and cultural facilities, for you to plan a stylish sojourn in the "City of Design".

  • 夜亮了





    Night is on,夜亮了!麦当劳“夜亮了“APP上线咯 每晚5点起打开APP,可以在漫天繁星里,寻找奇异星座!还能抓流星,和朋友一起参加麦派对! 更有10万份免费麦饭卷等你来!行动越早,机会越大! 享受完麦饭卷,看过了星星,还可以拍张星范滤镜靓照,打造你的亮夜明星范!...

  • Durex Baby

    Durex Baby




    一个激情的夜晚,你忘情云雨,无尽缠绵,之后有个随时大哭不讲道理令人抓狂生物的降临你的身边,他就是你的孩子,你没有戴套套后的产物. 一个重要的责任 杜蕾斯宝宝令你瞬间当爸妈,喂奶,陪玩,唱摇篮曲,换尿布,这些够烦的吧?别急,宝宝不定时不定期随机大哭,如果你能坚持一个星期,你就可以向你的亲朋好友们- 炫耀你是一个富有责任心的好爸妈啦。 软件功能特色如下:-- •前所未有的体验,宝宝不是超市满500的赠品,更不是充话费送的,你可要好好把TA带大 •超真实场景,立体声震撼,副本开启:让宝宝停止大哭之战 •通知提醒(好奇宝宝时间到,请及时满足) •分享到社交网站...

  • Durex Baby HK

    Durex Baby HK




    一個激情的晚上,你倆忘情雲雨、無盡纏綿……在熱情的燃燒下,交融出一場不設防的愛。之後,一個隨時大哭大叫不講道理令你發狂的生物已經輕輕的降臨你的身邊……他,就是你的孩子:沒有戴套套的產物,千斤重的責任。 杜蕾斯寶寶令你瞬間當上爸爸/媽媽,餵奶、陪寶寶玩、唱搖籃曲、換尿片,這些夠煩了吧?現在就讓你試試做一個負責任的父母,領略不用杜杜的後果吧! 應用程式特色包括— *創新的「生育」體驗(孩子不是貨架上的貨物,你要好好照顧他) *前所未有的互動場景與玩法:一場停止寶寶哭叫的大戰展開! *通知提醒(你聰明的孩子會令你知道他需要你的照顧) *分享到你最愛的社交網絡...

  • 樱花国际日语





    樱花国际日语 手机应用给爱好日文的您提供了一种全新的学习方式和用户体验 应用包含以下主要特色- 日本娃娃发声训练:你可以选择和不同的日本娃娃对话,玩偶类型不一,日本特色代表的和服妹妹、晚装的性感妹妹和智慧与性感并存的学生制服妹妹等,不同类型的日本玩偶任您选择。不同类型的玩偶有不同的声音重复你日文的发音,让您在玩的同时轻松锻炼您的口语能力,同时您可以通过微博或邮件与好友分享。 每天10句日常日文听力练习;声音文字并存,让你在上班路轻松学会常用日语,让您不需任何花费即可变成潮人一族!...

  • Durex Baby-English

    Durex Baby-English




    It all begins with that intense night of passion, of pure unrestricted love, of the raging fires of lust, of love without protection…. and before you know it, you are the proud parent of a bouncing baby!!. Thats right! You missed the word 'protection' and now you have a responsibility. A...

  • Fists Of Steel

    Fists Of Steel




    Armageddon is here. Lawlessness and chaos have taken over. The city streets are dirty, dark and pungent with the smell of fear. It takes a man with an iron will and fists of steel to survive in these mean streets as he takes on increasingly violent and vicious gang bosses in a man to man fight....

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