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    Power Play Cricket Lite

    Game Description:Get your cricket gear on and grab a bat. Powerplay cricket puts you at the crease facing some of the most hostile bowling in the world. Will you be the next 'master blaster' or will you meekly fold, only time will tell. Choose between the 'tournament mode', where you face the greatest cricketing nations in a battle…

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    Download Star Couple Lite Star Couple Lite icon
    Star Couple Lite

    Dress up the 'Star Couple' with the latest fashion trends this season and set the fashion world ablaze with your creations. With millions of combinations to choose from and a 'People's Choice' section that allows non fashionista's to vote for your designs 'Star Couple' throws you and your creations into the limelight…

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    Download Rogue Fighting Rogue Fighting icon
    Rogue Fighting

    Frustrated by the strict rules and laws governing the Ultimate Fighting championship, a group of ex-champions have gone rogue and taken the fight to the streets in a no holds barred, anything goes fight club. Each one, a master of a particular technique, when pitted against each other the outcome is frequently bloody and almost always lethal. Welco…

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    Download Fists Of Steel Fists Of Steel icon
    Fists Of Steel

    Armageddon is here. Lawlessness and chaos have taken over. The city streets are dirty, dark and pungent with the smell of fear. It takes a man with an iron will and fists of steel to survive in these mean streets as he takes on increasingly violent and vicious gang bosses in a man to man fight. Can he survive and bring order to the city?

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    Download Fashion Week Fashion Week icon
    Fashion Week

    Welcome to Fashion Week darlings! You have the opportunity of a lifetime. Dazzle the crowds with your creations, draped on 5 on the most fantabulous supermodels in the world and you could be crowned the next big designer with a label of your own. Come on! You can do it!

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    Download Base Jumping Lite 2 Base Jumping Lite 2 icon
    Base Jumping Lite 2

    Does the thought of jumping off a bridge make you wet your pants? Welcome then to the world of BASE Jumping, a dangerous sport banned in most places where only the brave or the foolish participate. Join the league and experience BASE jumping from the safety of your mobile phone.

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    Download TitansOfTheTrack TitansOfTheTrack icon

    Titans of the Track - Rising from the ashes of the scandal hit Cycling World, 'Titans of the Track' is the new tournament that will resurrect this much loved and highly competitive sport. Take part in a grueling race that will have your fingers pounding and your heart thumping, a race where illegal drugs have no effect and its just your pow…

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    Download Toxic Cow Toxic Cow icon
    Toxic Cow

    Daisy the Cow leads a typical bovine lifestyle, soaking in the sun, munching cud and farting. Yes, farting!!. That seemingly innocent cow is actually releasing toxic methane vapours, quietly responsible for an astonishing proportion of global warming gases - 18 per cent of the total, to be precise. With each fart capable of propelling her from one…

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    Download BlazingGun BlazingGun icon

    Wreak havoc on the invading forces with your high caliber Bushmaster Autocannon, that will turn the beach you defend into a bloody battleground. Lay waste to the unstoppable waves of enemy fighters as they struggle to establish a beach head. Keep your guns blazing and watch the body count pile up.

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    Download Raceday Raceday icon

    Tear up the track as you take on the circuit in the ultimate racing challenge. Race the hottest cars with style and daring and compete against opponents to set the best lap times to win.

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