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  • Fuji Xerox Print Utility

    Fuji Xerox Print Utility




    Print Utility for Android is a free print and scan application for AndroidTM devices. You can print from AndroidTM applications and print web pages, DocuWorks documents, PDF documents and photos saved in your AndroidTM device or taken by using the internal camera. You can also send scanned data...

  • DocuWorks Viewer Light Biz

    DocuWorks Viewer Light Biz




    A "Digital Paper" DocuWorks file viewer for Android. DocuWorks Viewer Light Biz is an application intended for users who are editing DocuWorks documents for business use. ● What is different from the free downloadable application, DocuWorks Viewer Light? In order to edit annotations,...

  • DocuWorks Viewer Light

    DocuWorks Viewer Light




    A "Digital Paper" DocuWorks file viewer for Android. ●Features available with DocuWorks Viewer Light for Android -View DocuWorks files, display double pages, Zoom in and out, show or hide annotations. -Show in "NotePads" all the notepads pasted in a file and then tap one to...

  • SkyDesk Media Trek

    SkyDesk Media Trek




    Fuji Xerox SkyDesk Media Trek is a free app for using audio guide contents of SkyDesk Media Trek audio guide service. Audio guide content suitable to your location will be played on your smartphone. - What you can do with SkyDesk Media Trek. You can download audio guide contents from the...

  • netprint 写真かんたんプリント

    netprint 写真かんたんプリント




    ●撮った写真は、いつでもコンビニで手軽にプリント! 「netprint 写真かんたんプリント」は、スマートフォンの写真を、日本国内のセブン-イレブン店舗にある富士ゼロックス製カラー複合機(通称:マルチコピー機)からかんたんにプリントできるアプリです。 ●ご利用手順 操作はかんたん! 3つのステップでプリントできます。 1)アプリで写真を選択してアップロード。 ※写真のアップロードは無料です。通信にかかる費用はお客様のご負担となります。 2)発行された「プリント予約番号(8桁)」をメールで受信。 3)セブン-イレブン店舗のマルチコピー機で「プリント予約番号」を入力。...

  • SkyDesk Print -Docs Management

    SkyDesk Print -Docs Management




    SkyDesk Print for Android is an application of Fuji Xerox's cloud service, SkyDesk. It enables you to print the documents in addition to browse through the basic features of SkyDesk Docs such as text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and images. Main Features - View text documents,...

  • PortableUI



    *** Description PortableUI is a remote control app that enables easy operations of Fuji Xerox color multifunction devices installed with an NFC reader/writer for use in stores. *** System Requirements Android OS version 4.0.3 or later with built-in NFC function (availability of the app is...

  • SkyDesk CRM

    SkyDesk CRM




    SkyDesk CRM Mobile offers mobile access to your customer information available on the web at http://crm.skydesk.jp. SkyDesk CRM, part of Fuji Xerox’s business collaboration cloud service suite, offers complete customer relationship life-cycle management for managing your Sales, Marketing,...

  • DocuWorks Folder

    DocuWorks Folder




    This is an application for carrying your electronic documents using a handheld device running the Android Operating System. This allows you to download DocuWorks files and other files to view them and upload the files stored in the handheld device, from Fuji Xerox's cloud service...

  • SkyDesk Mobile

    SkyDesk Mobile




    SkyDesk Mobile is a portal to Fuji Xerox's cloud service, SkyDesk. SkyDesk Mobile provides easy access to the SkyDesk mobile applications: Mail, Docs, Calendar, CRM, Cards and PhotoNote. SkyDesk Mobile also supports social networking via its Posts and People features. SkyDesk Mobile...

  • beat-access





    beat-accessは「beat/active サービス」または「beat/basicサービス」のオプションで付加できる「beat リモートアクセスサービス」のクライアント接続専用アプリです。 富士ゼロックスが提供する「beat/active サービス」または「beat/basic サービス」をご契約のお客様で、オプションサービスの「beat...

  • SkyDesk Cards

    SkyDesk Cards




    SkyDesk Cards for Android is an application of Fuji Xerox's cloud service, SkyDesk. It offers the essential business card management and sharing features of SkyDesk Cards for web. With SkyDesk Cards for Android, you can take photo to import card data and edit/delete them on your phone. Tips...

  • SkyDesk Media Switch

    SkyDesk Media Switch




    'SkyDesk Media Switch' app is designed to access SkyDesk Media Switch service provided by Fuji Xerox. With this app, you will be navigated to online contents from the marks printed on papers by taking pictures of them. What you can do with SkyDesk Media Switch. - To view online contents...

  • netprint





    ●コンビニでプリント! 「netprint」は、端末内に保存されているファイルを、日本国内のセブン-イレブン店舗にある富士ゼロックス製カラー複合機(通称:マルチコピー機)からいつでもどこでもプリントできる、とても便利なツールです。 ===================== ●日本通信㈱ 「b-mobile」サービスをご利用のお客様へ b-mobileサービスをご利用の場合、netprintアプリをご利用できません。 お客様にはご不便をおかけし、申し訳ございません。 ●端末のソフトウェアアップデートを実行されたお客様へ...

  • DocuShare Mobile

    DocuShare Mobile




    DocuShare Mobile Product Introduction   DocuShare Mobile is an application to use the Fuji Xerox document management system 'DocuShare' from the Android device. You can upload or download files from 'DocuShare' with this application.   ●Functions of DocuShare Mobile for Android -...

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