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Funcode Technology

  • Fun2D Barcde Radar

    Fun2D Barcde Radar




    Fix the expiration issue. New Version Promotion!! Fun2D Barcode Radar for Android is now only US$0.99 on Android Market!! New decoder kernel! High resolution mode supported for android 2.3 and above. Fix the crash problem on Motorola phones. 2 Times faster than the previous version!!! -...

  • Fun2D QR Code Reader

    Fun2D QR Code Reader




    New! Support Reflection QR, Mirror QR! Fix 1D decoder Fix the crash problem with Android 4.0 Fix the crash problem on Motorola phones. 2 Times faster than the previous version!!! - Performance Improvement. Fun2D QR Code Reader help you to “hyperlink” the physical objects to the web services...

  • 電動機車





    您知道哪裡有電動機車相關活動嗎?有哪些好康可以參與?透過電動機車活動詳情查詢, 您可以隨時隨地掌握各項電動機車活動, 還可以讓活動主辦單位主動與您聯絡. 需要一個方便好用的二維條碼掃描器嗎?使用電動機車APP, 不僅可以掃描各種與電動機車相關的二維條碼, 參加活動或獲得資訊, 還可以用同一個掃碼器掃描其他各種二維條碼, 方便又好用的界面能幫助您迅速地在各種環境掃描條碼, 隨時獲得各類條碼相關網址內的資訊. 動態的首頁, 自動推薦的電動機車車款查詢, 詳細的電動機車資訊, 各縣市補助內容, 各地電動機車相關活動, 加上一個方便的二維碼掃瞄器,...

  • FunTest





    This is a testing program. please do not install.

  • Fun2D Barcode Radar Intent

    Fun2D Barcode Radar Intent


    This is for developer wjo want to integrate with Fun2D Barcode Radar. Developer can use it as 'Intent' for the integration. It will be actived to scan. If it got any result, it will close and return result to the caller. How to call: //----------------------------------------- Intent...

  • Fun2D Barcode Speaker

    Fun2D Barcode Speaker


    It's NOT just a barcode scanner!! Main speaking features: -Read the webpage abstract with natural voices when it is URL stored in QR Code. -Read the content stored in QR Code. -Read the product name Barcode scanning features: - Supports QR Code, DataMatrix and EAN13/UPC/ISBN. - 360 degree...

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