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  • Jungle Runner:Dash Racing Saga




    Help sweet innocent Lucy to run through the dangerous Jungle, desert, city streets and snow city! Our Lucy(a cute squirrel) has been stucked in the dangerous world full of life taking obstacles & hurdles, she's plotting her escape, and she needs YOU to guide her through the streets....

  • New Year HD Live Wallpaper




    It's time to start a promising new year 2015. Let the celebrations begin with the HD New Year Live Wallpaper for your android phone. This cool wallpaper brings you the joy of festive season with its warm celebratory graphics that too for free!! Wish you all a happy New Year 2015 is near and...

  • Commando Fight : Final Battle




    To save the earth from destruction, let the ultimate apache attack begin. Commando Fight is an ultimate shooting game! Two brave commandos Glaser and Feline are surviving to destroy the enemy force, blast the enemy tanks and their mission is annihilate them and protect the city and human from...

  • Kiss scanner for Lovers




    Bored of having regular valentine apps ?? then try this new and stylish Kissing app. A very romantic app which tells you what type of kisser you are. If you are looking for naughty ways to spice up your love life, then this fun and entertaining app will help you decide your kissing style. App...

  • Chicken egg Catcher: Farm Game




    A new awesome chicken game, with astonishing graphics that is bound to give you an experience of the lifetime. Imagine a scenario when the chicken are laying eggs and you have to collect them because if they falls you lose life. Sounds exciting!! Go Ahead!! 4 crazy hens are sitting on a top...

  • Whistle The Girl : Funny Game




    Do you like to annoy the girls by whistling them ? If yes than get ready to tease and irritate a sweet girl with your whistle sound. In this game a naughty boy is making efforts to irritate a girl with his whistle. He is trying to irritate the sweetheart girl as much and as long as possible...

  • Fingerprint Mood Scanner




    Want to have loads of fun and laugh?? Then try this fun and quirky application that can read your mood using only a scan of your finger or thumb. Mood scanner is a cool mood detection futuristic fingerprint scanner that attempts to determine how you are feeling based on your thumb scan or finger...

  • Catch The Christmas Gifts




    Christmas time is here again. Christmas trees are all snowflake and the chimneys are all ready for Santa's arrival with gifts. Let's start to catch all the Xmas Gifts. Catch The Christmas Gift's is a free special gift for you in the Christmas 2013 and happy New Year 2014. Merry Xmas...

  • Love Scanner: Know Your Love




    No need to depend on love calculator for knowing how much your beloved loves you. Use this to test your friends, family members or someone else love feelings. Just scan your finger and see how much you are in love! It acts as a love sensor. Along with the result, the application also displays...

  • Amazing Drunk Scanner for Fun




    Want to know what amount and type of drink can harm you and HOW ? Then try this prank Drunk Scanner and fool your friends in a party or social gathering. Drunk Detection Scanner is the best application to prank your friends and loved ones by telling them that this app can scan how drunk are...

  • Mad Racer:Car Racing Challenge




    When you are fitted in a racing car and you race to win, second or third place is not enough, It is all about high speed and heartbreaking adventure to be a champ of the race. After so many car racing games, its time to be ready, be speedy with the most awaited speed storm to beat the time. Get...

  • Cigarette Counter Assistant




    Want to keep track and record your day to day smoking habit?? then have this useful Cigarette Counter application and that too for FREE!! Cigarette smoking is injurious to health, in spite of knowing this fact, many of us have a habit of smoking daily. . To get out from this problem we have...

  • Video to Images:Screen Capture




    Video to image is a simple but powerful video editor app to make photo editing on android device so easy. Sometimes it's hard to take a picture of your kids such as first smiles, steps and reactions. This Frame shot video image capture app allows to grab the best action shots from video. In...

  • Funky Poster Creator




    Funky Poster creator is a smart must-have app, which won’t cost you a penny and will make your friends jealous as you can boom your creativity at all the Social Networking sites! Now it is easier than ever to turn the funky images or icons into posters, lockers or wallpaper featuring your own...

  • Happy Diwali HD Live wallpaper




    Get vibrant and live Firework effect by simply touching anywhere on the screen on the beautiful night view of Lotus temple, India Gate, Akshardham and Golden Temple for FREE!! Turn your boring phone screen into a beautiful night sky which is full of colorful fireworks with the most realistic...

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